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It is often very cold in my office. I feel the cool air blowing on me sometimes. I finally managed to find the thermostat that controls the air for it though. It happens to be in Trucker's office. I'm not sure what else is controlled by it, but Trucker did not think it worked at all. I futzed with it yesterday, and it does indeed work. And does control my office. It may also control the air to one or more of the studios, which means that if I turn it way up when a voice actress is in there doing her bit, she will probably get all hot and sweaty, and have to remove any extraneous clothing. Not that I would ever do that.

When I came back from lunch, I was walking up the stairwell and someone that was going down the stairs, said to me "Hey, did you know there was a hard drive in the freezer?" I didn't know that, so I went to check it out. She was mistaken, there were two hard drives in the freezer. Was it unexpected? Yes. Was it surprising? No.

Ryan's has also finally changed its sign. But it is not worthy of the blog.

Oh yeah, I also wanted to point this out for Jessy. The theory of a large meteorite striking the Earth and causing mass extinction is falling out of favor. Evidence is not supporting it quite so well anymore. A little more.

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I'm totally down with the warming (and cooling) theory of extinction. I just finished a horrid inflammatory little book about this very subject. And while it was horrible, it was also very intriguing.

your comment thing says there are 2 comments - right now there is only 1 - after my comment it should be 2, I wonder if it will say 3?

nope still says 2 - wonder if it will say 3 now...

yup - I fixed your blog comments - your welcome. Egads it's been slow on the blogs...


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