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Do I get a turn?

Yes, so the wedding thing is all about the woman/bride. But shouldn't the guy get something out of it too? Like this? Hard to go wrong with that, eh?

So, anyway, yes, I am in pain today. It was difficult getting out of the car when I got home from football. I had stiffened up quite a bit during the half hour drive home. The game was faboo, as usual. Our offense sucked, but thanks to overpowering defense, we managed to stay within a point. No need for details, but for being the eldest on the field, Id say I performed exceptionally well. (TD, int, and a fumble recovery)

Today has rather sucked at work. I did not get to go to lunch since we are supposed to have a meeting with the Director from the new parent company. Lunch is being catered, and I am hoping it is here by 1. It is 5 minutes til that time, and no word yet. So hungry.

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Dude, that would very well make a nice Wedding gift of some sort! Where do you find these things? Did you just go on Ebay and type in "Missle Truck" lol... Lunch is here!


Finding parts for that monster sure would be a bitch.


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