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"Fastest lunch & town"

What does the title mean? I don't know. Ask Ryan's.

Not much to tell now. Im on my way out to the lovely Infomart again. For the second time this week. Will just head home after that.

Birthday party this weekend. Drunkenness may abound. And it may stay hidden in a corner. I'll do my part to see it abounding.

When Ninsi mentioned dinner the other night at the Old San Francisco Steakhouse, she neglected to mention one particular table of other diners. We weren't listening to them, but occassionally overheard snippets of conversation from one lady in particular. She kept talking about "Nationals", and talked a little about being from Tulsa, and her friends from like Nevada. The Tulsa bit caught our ear some, and maybe we did listen a little more closely. Anyway, she kept talking about "nationals" and we wondered what she meant. Finally, they threw out the word 'bowling' and we thought we misheard. Then we heard it again. Apparently, they were in town for some kind of national bowling thing. Id never heard the likes of it. I dont know if they were bowling teachers or combatents. They looked more like chaperones, but talked like players. It was weird. And her credit card was declined a few times. Go PBT!

(that's pro bowlers tour)

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Oh yes, I did forget. And it's the PBA. It wasn't just the mention of bowling, it was shoes, and then balls getting drilled, and then bowling. Then I remembered seeing something about a big bowling thing on evite. And sho'nuff!

here's a link: http://www.evite.com/pages/gt/events/viewPub.jsp?eventID=IMNCLPETDKIGDBCXORZN

if it doesn't work, go to evite, and put dallas in as your city, look for "things to do" and select Festivals and Fairs.

But here's the big one: Live ESPN finals!



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