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The Ryan's sign is being changed, but I cannot tell to what. The dude is still futzing around with the other side of it. The other side doesn't necessarily correlate to what I can see though. I did see some of the letters coming down from the other side, and it was obviously something different that what I can see. If it gets changed to something noteworthy, I'll be sure to update.

In the meantime, let's all congratulate Red on her new pen purchase.

Im not reading anything right now, and that really frees up quite a bit of my time in the evenings. Im going to try to use it wisely and keep things in my room more or less organized, and take care of projects I've been putting off for far too long. I suspect that I will soon slip into playing Shadow Hearts: Covenant again, and all the time I should be saving will be sucked into the video game. The game makes you find gay porn (though it never presents it as such, we all know that is what it is).

I also need a haircut, but instead, Im going to start growing a beard I think. maybe next week. It's a plan. You got a better one?

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Nope. Beards are hot.


yes yes - beards are yummy


btw - i bought the Aurora Ipsilon - it's under "calligraphy"

keep the beard neat - it got a little scraggly last time.

I like my beard! :) I just wish I could attempt a full beard, but my face sucks and it won't let me.


My friend, if you grow a beard the red hair comments will commence again. Just wanted to throw that out there because I know how much you like being referred to as a red head. :-)


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