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Mightier than the sword

Zero's doctor writes slow. But he has a nice pen with which he does it. I have been thinking I need a new fountain pen lately, and finally decided to look online for a bit while I had some time. I found the Fountain Pen Hospital. If you like pens, they have some very, very nice ones. I recommend not looking at the price though. I saw at least one for $14,000+. And it doesn't even have a little digital clock or naked lady on it!

In other news, well, there isn't much other news. People coming in from out of state for the weekend. Ninsi had a party this weekend, and I think it went rather well. Played some pool, played some cards, drank a little bit. I don't think anyone got sick. Which is almost a record or something. At least one person passed out in a lawnchair outside though for a couple hours.

Big company meeting coming up in less than an hour. There is a good chance that it will give me something to bitch about for tomorrow.

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I completely forgot to blog about the party. Mainly because the whole night is a bit of a blur. I do remember lighting lots of shots on fire. It was fun :-)

Poor memory = good party!


i just spent a lot of money, and it's ALL YOUR FAULT. i clicked on the pen site and just bought a really expensive, really pretty pen. i can't help it... they are one of my weaknesses.

I'm sure you will be very happy once you get it. Which one did you buy? Link it for me.

To anyone that cares, i was the culprit passed out in the lawn chair out back for a few hours... lol.. no wonder why I woke up cold!


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