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Hope all had a good weekend. Ninsi and I finally had one that was mostly relaxing. Friday evening was poker, and she went to see a movie on Saturday. While she was at the movie, I decided to get her car unstuck from the mud in the driveway. When she came home Friday night, she thought to pull up far enough to allow the others coming over for poker room to park. But changed her mind part way, and just stopped right in the big mud bog left when the plumbers tore up the asphalt a couple weeks ago. She was immediately, irrevocably, stuck. Her two driver side tires were on asphalt, but the passenger side were in mud, and the front one promptly sank about 6 inches deep. I tried getting it out briefly on Friday, but it only got worse, so Saturday, when she left, I decided to work on it again. The right side of the car was only about 2 inches off the ground where the front had sank down so much.

I'll spare the details, but it involved me using two jacks at once, getting mud everywhere, and took about an hour and a half. And let me tell you, you haven't experienced fun until you've tried jacking a car up onto two jacks at once when it is up to the axle nearly in mud.

Sunday was spent working on costumes for the Valentine's day party. My hat is done. I just have to get the rest of it together now.

Oh, and when we played football last week, a couple girls from work came to watch, and one took pictures and a few videos. You can access those here. The videos are kinda fun, but the pictures don't have much action in them.

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My hero! In one weekend he rescued my steed from the quicksand-like mud and fixed my sewing machine. :-)


Huh, probably could have yanked that puppy out with my truck, had I been there.

No red-headed VA's in those pictures.. hmmm :)

Who do you think was taking the pictures? ;)


did you adjust the poll numbers? i sure thought what ninsi wants ninsi gets was up to like 36%...


awe, you boys are so cute playing manly sports. if i were there, i'd lead the girls in some cheers. ;)


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