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My Fair Lady

Huzzah to the bridal fair(s)...
Not as bad as it could have been since we bypassed pretty much everything that did not deal with a location.

Oh, since he failed to say anything about it, why don't you all go bug Zero about what the doctor said yesterday during the pre-chemo visit. Don't worry, it's not bad.

Long time readers (all 5 of you) will know that I used to play football after work. An epic bi-weekly gridiron battle known as DragonBowl. The game was on a long hiatus, but begins agin today. Tomorrow, I will probably whine about being old, and sore. Good times to come.

Oh, and for the record, there was no vengence. Sleepwalker was just well past a reasonable time frame. Nigh on two weeks it was.

And something for the ladies: I bought new shoes today. Neener neener.

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Did you buy them at Oshman's? And did it take less than 10 minutes? Cause that's where my last two pair of shoes have come from.


new shoes, eh? this is always a good thing. :)

Nah, not Oshman's. I would have, but I wasn't sure where the closest one was, so I just went to Payless. I forgot to bring shoes with me to work for DragonBowl, so bought some to wear this afternoon. But yes, it was under 10 minutes.

Please don't tear any tendons. Good weather for Dragon Bowl. Did your co. get acquired by a co. out of Houston? The Governor's in a staged version of Rocky Horror with a lot of their V/O actors and actresses. He says they don't all have red hair.

No, they co is out of Wisconsin. With an office also in L.A.

No, they don't all have red hair. Just a lot of them. And there is one that lives in Houston that has done some work for us, and she is just fucking hot. No idea of her name anymore though.


i want to do V/O. and i'm red headed. i would fit in, apparently. :-)

Red, if you really want to try it, I can give you the email of the girl that handles the talent scheduling. She could let you know when we have the next open audition, and you could try out for something.


uh yeah- that'd be great. you can email to FOP or to j.campbell@nonnis.com


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