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It seems like it has been some time since I last posted to any degree. I was going to do so yesterday before I left work, but when I went to log in, the website was down. Most of yesterday was spent doing the little things that creep up after a server move.

Today, when I came back from lunch, no one on my floor had any internet access. So that also was a huge deterrent to blogging. I took the time to rearrange the servers in my office and organize the cabling. It was a hella good time, believe me.

Not much else going on that I can drudge up to comment on, except for an email I got yesterday. Some random person found the blogring, and decided it was very lame. They used the opportunity to actually submit an application to the ring using mostly nonsensical characters. Though they did manage to say we (or possibly just me, as I couldn't make sense of the grammar) were lame, and needed to get a life because we were fucking losers. It really cut me to the core. Totally. I can only assume the site was found accidently while seaching for some cock-porn. I can only imagine the anger they felt when they found no such depravity here. Perhaps it is time we all added a little cock-porn to the ring so that future trollers like that will feel more welcome. I am open to other suggestions as well.

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Please don't; work will block it.

Guess we'll have to settle for being losers, with our damned fufilling lives.


I believe the rules stipulate that if you don't meet any of the requirements, you may still be admitted with photographic evidence of hotness. Although since I assume it's a dude we're speaking of, that he doesn't have a chance with that plus being an ass clown. C'est la vie.


hehe...we're losers? that's fun. i want to see the email...


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