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The ability to blog daily seems to have been sucked right out of me over the holidays. They are so very wearisome, the holidays I mean.

My calendar is of no use to me anymore. Though that is not to say that I am done with it. By no means. I have plans for it. Aye, big, framable plans. I do have another calendar. One built for this year, but I dont know that I will use it. It's supposed to hang on the wall, for one thing, and I dont know that I like it. I may give it to my mom instead. It has some Las Vegas casinos on it or something like that.

About half the folk that were slated to go to Shreveport with us for the weekend were not able to make it for various reasons. It would have been groovy if they had made it, but we had a pretty good weekend anyway.

I'm back at work now, having left Zero at his chemo session for the afternoon. The doctor said the tumor appears to have diminished in size significantly. That is good news. And he's now halfway through the chemo. Just three more treatments, and some radiation, which might give him a nice tan just in time for Summer.

The worst part about the start of a new year? There is no mandated holiday until Memorial Day. In May. That's a long damn haul. Ugh, suddenly, this year sucks nuts...

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as for how many people you want at your wedding... start making a list of people you know you want there. It will end up being more than you think. Just my famliy and close friends ended up being 50 for just my side.

We actually started a list the day after I proposed. Like everything else, it too is in a constant state of flux. Part of it will be decided by where we do the ceremony, so we have to figure that bit out first.

yeah - I've explained this to him already. We have a 'short short list' of just over 50 people - and that excludes almost all of our friends. When you add in friends from both sides it's closer to 100.


remember though....the more invites, the more presents you get. my first wedding was an absolute haul.
hehe...that came out sounding WAY trashier than i meant it.


It's true. But if you have a lot of family at the gathering and not friends, the haul could still be ok. Good luck trying to make them get you stuff off your list. I got a wall clock from Wal-Mart. Veneer wood with gold inlay and everything.

Oh - and I just want to comment, that this year for the first time in my LIFE I got a 'joint gift' as in a gift I share with someone else. (I'm sure those with siblings were forced to share gifts sometimes) but my mom got Phlome and I a Party Pal (like this one: http://store.everythinghome.org/no4shdicass.html). Turns out she got it for us before the engagement was announced. So - she'd already done paired us up as a single entity.


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