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May play some golf tomorrow. So I went out to the range today at lunch. It was the first time I've even tried to swing a club in about 4 months. So it sucked. And if I play tomorrow, I will suck. Yes, it is a little cool, but definately not too cold, at least in the afternoon.

Haven't posted much this week due to business at work. We had a companywide meeting on Monday so they could annouce to us all that we are to become part of a larger company. I can't say anything more than what has been in press releases, but basically, a larger company has agreed to buy us for cash and stocks. It's only a matter of time now, and then we'll be part of a public company.

We had another meeting yesterday to meet the honchos and some of the other people from the new parent company. Not sure how much things will change.

Other significant news, they are remaking Tron.

But even that pales in significance to the Huygens probe. Godspeed little guy...

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TRON REMAKE! I couldn't be happier!

Tron. yes I remember it. I remember sitting at the house of family friends who had Tron on film. yes film as in he had a projector, and reels and projected it onto a pull down screen to watch the movie. I think at one point I ran over to the boy and told him I liked him and wanted him to be my boyfriend. I was like 5. He was like 12. Always did have a thing for older men.

I saw Tron and Dragonslayer in a double feature in a theater when I was in junior high. Good times!


Go little probe, go!

Woot. Tron.


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