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February 2, 2005

God is a fan

God is obviously a sports fan. All the athletes constantly talk about him watching them play. At Media Day yesterday for the SuperBowl, Terrell Owens said a couple of times that God had cleared him to play. Terrell had injured his ankle about six weeks ago, and has not been cleared by the doctors. God spoke to him though, apparently, and has cleared him to play in the Superbowl.

What the Hell is a coach going to say to that? "I know what the doctor said, Coach, but God said I could play."

Im guessing that God is too busy watching sports to actually hear the prayers of everyone else in the word. Further proof that He is a man, eh?

February 3, 2005

Entertainment is lacking

"Ninsianna says:
i found $549 US worth of merchandise i need from dracinabox"

Im sure all you girls will find at least that much and more if you go there yourselves. It's my own fault, really, for sending her the link. Fortunately, her birthday just happened, and Christmas is 10 months off, so I have some time. And it is across the big pond, so nothing could be delivered from there to here by V-day. So nyah.

Im pissed at Ryan's management. They haven't changed the side of teh sign that I can see for about two weeks now. It is very lame. What is truly upsetting though is that I have watched them change the side that I cannot see at least twice since then. They are fucking with me, I know it.

Weekend with the Squid upcoming. Ninsi and I will be driving up to OK together, and then going our separate ways until Sunday. Oh, to Bunny - the Squid drew a picture for you a long time ago (like right after she went back to OK this Summer) and I've been waiting to give it to you since then, but you've been avoiding me and stuff so you need to remind Ninsi to take it to you sometime. I may also miss part of the Superbowl on Sunday. It will start around 4:30. I can either make a stop in McAlester on the way back to Dallas and watch it with my brothers and arrive back in Dallas around 11 pm Sunday night, (I doubt Ninsi will let that one fly) or record it, and try to catch up to it before it is over when I get back. I suspect I'll take the second option.

And of course, blogging copyright gets more complex.

February 7, 2005

Home sweet Earth

Terraforming, baby. It's the wave of the future. I think this idea of terraforming Mars has been explored in a game or a movie or a combination thereof. Im sure to no good end. We can do eeet!

It would be fun to try at least. Except for the whole bit of it taking hundreds or thousands of years. We could probably speed it up a little bit. Of course, this plan comes from a scientist named after an alchoholic drink, so take it with some salt.

In other news, all is well. Weekend with the squid was good. Ninsi is freaking over the wedding that is still fourteen months off. I think my mom spooked her some. That is to be expected. It has started to interfere in my life in a bad way though now. We're supposed to go look at a potential site for the ceremony tomorrow night. That happens to be the night I'm supposed to play football again. Ninsi trusts that I will make the 'right decision', as she puts it. I think I know what the right decision is, but that doesn't mean I'm not a guy that is thinking "But the wedding is over a full year away..."

I sense pain in my future.

February 8, 2005

It fits in your pocket

This one is for Jess - mini-solar system.

Met Ninsi for lunch today, and that was a pain in the buttocks. I'm assuming the waiter was new since he got the drink order wrong, failed to supply us with napkins or silverware, and just took way to long to get back to us. Ever. Although, he did almost get the food order correct. Only one omission there.

Today we look at a wedding site potential. All such sites will maintain an Eigenstate potential until such a time as we actually put down a deposit.

Not a lot else. Been to busy at work, and Ryan's still hasn't changed their sign. Getting geared up for the party this weekend mostly. I should manage to finish my costume tonight, with the exception maybe of a couple buttons. I may or may not then take over control of Ninsi's sewing machine and see if I can make her something neat-o for DragonCon, or perhaps, A-Kon.

February 9, 2005


I'm surprised that Ninsi did not mention the viewing of the potential ceremony/reception area yesterday. Perhaps she is still reeling from the unanticpated impromptu counseling session we got from the event planner. Or perhaps she has not quite reconciled with the fact that there would just be random strangers able to know only watch, but heckle, if they so chose, and small children would be quite able to throw things from great heights onto the whole ceremony. It could be any number of things that have kept her silent on it so far. I suspect it was mainly because she really did not like the carpet...

Latest KFC observation: I went there today for lunch, the guy that took my order had a nametag (as they all do.) His name was "T-Bone." It was a KFC/Taco Bell joint. There was no beef for miles.

Movies. You must see Shaolin Soccer. It's one of the best movies I've seen this year. Yes, it is a Kung Fu movie. But it's funny. Ninsi laughed in spite of herself. I told Zero to put it in the Netflix queue, but it is good enough that I may have to buy it for myself. It's roughly about a Kung Fu Master named Mighty Steel Leg that wants to make Kung Fu popular. A washed up soccar star, Golden Leg, meets up with him, and they form a soccar team of Kung Fu masters and must eventually battle Team Evil!!! One of the best scenes may have been when Mighty Steel Leg and several random passers-by suddenly get the Fire in their eyes and break out in a dance routine that is very remniscent of the Thriller video.
Go get it.

February 11, 2005

Spring line = gay

Some computers are just farging loud...

Did not get a chance to post yesterday since I had to go to the Infomart to reboot a server. Drive 30 miles just to push a button. Yar, that's why they pay me. I got a phone number to call next time so maybe someone else that is on-site can do that particularly arduous task.

I have to go back today, and put a server out there. A much more reasonable request. Im just not sure where exactly it will fit. I may have to take some duct tape.

Oh, and I did manage to wander through Dilliards yesterday during lunch. They have a lot of the new men's clothes out for the Spring. The first thought that poped into my head was that they were very much pastel. Followed by "Wow, that would make anyone look gay." If you want to celebrate your femme side, check out the new spring lines. Or wear a cape and get all rosy cheeked. Me? Ill pass.

February 13, 2005


I like, have a beard, and stuff.

February 14, 2005

Working for a living

Which is what I did yesterday. Had to spend about five hours getting a server moved from the main office out to our Infomart location. It took way longer than it should have, and was more annoying than anything else. The details are unimportant. It was just dumb. So are a lot of the people in the Oak Lawn area, as was made clear during the ordeal.

There were other issues at work over the weekend as well, and today has been spent trying to get those dealt with. Small stuff, mostly. But enough.

This evening, Ninsi and I are going to try to drive by a house we are hoping to get to take a look at more closely on Friday. It will probably be dark by the time we get there, but maybe not. She has already linked to it, so I wont dwell any more on the details.

There was more to say, but it has all been lost in the day. I'll get around to posting a few pictures from the weekend later.

February 16, 2005

The Guide

Yes, well, in case you haven't seen it, the trailer for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy can be found on the front page of Amazon.

So, Ive been trying to get a machine to work for the last couple days. Having various problems. But it is sitting in my office with the cover off, and at least two people have come in, and mimed spitting into the machine. One even suggested urinating into the open box. What is it about an open PC that makes people want to abuse it thusly? Personally, Id just want to take a baseball bat to it, but to each his own...

Hell ya

Is it true? Or a spectacular marketing move by the War of the Worlds folk.
NASA scientists claim evidence of present life on Mars.

February 17, 2005

Beat Down Thursday

Meetings are such a beat-down. They are useful sometimes, and necessary. But they last about twice as long as they really should.

For those that don't know it, hockey died yesterday. The season was cancelled. Across the nation there was an outpouring of apathy. The Canadians were a little more miffed about it, but even most of them couldn't quite screw up enough emotion to care. It may come back in October or so, but there is no guarantee that we won't lose another season. I reckon it is good for basketball since there aren't any other playoffs for the NBA to compete with this year.

February 21, 2005

Location pt deux

The initial bid contract is being drawn up as I type. That doesn't mean anything is getting done today, just some stuff being faxed around. If the seller is motivated, then it will be a little easier on us. Assuming no one else comes in with a higher bid real soon. If they aren't motivated, and have time to dick around, it could be a bit.

Spent most of the weekend being geeky, since Zero's brother was in town and he wanted to play geeky games. It was a good time. My Tiefling Ranger is level Three now. ;) That was all I did Saturday. All day. Except for the eating.

Sunday was spent viewing houses. Of the five we saw, we found one we liked well enough to make an offer on. But it is still in second place to the one we have actually made an offer on today. It is in Bedford, so closer to work. It is in second place, but only by a small margin.

I also went with Ninsi and her mom to look at one potential wedding location in Grapevine. It is nice, and would make for a swell outdoor wedding. The biggest problem though is the lack of a *good* plan in case of rain. They do not have an indoor backup, so they will put up a tent in case it rains. The tent costs an extra $750-$1000, and is 20'x30'. That basically would cover the area where the reception would be. (ceremony and reception at this place are all outside in the same area) The bride would still have to walk the aisle in the rain, and I think the ceremony itself would still be wet.
I dont think that place will win. But we may go by it again in April to see how it looks when things are green and blooming.

February 22, 2005


When I think of a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) unit, I tend to imagine the old television show. Big black armored van, dudes in vests and riot gear tumbling out armed with a full arsenal of weapons. Sometimes, I think the mental images get mixed up with some A-team remniscing, but that is beside the point. While I was at lunch today, I saw the vehicle for the North Richland Hills SWAT unit. It was parked somewhere, and it was white. Like a flower or bakery delivery truck. It did not instill me with a sense of awe or dread, so much as a sense of Springtime and lollipops. Im going to blame the hippies. I dont know who's fault it really is, but damn those fucking hippies for pussifying the SWAT team!

In other news, the guy that talked to me in the break room this morning and pointed out the Snicker bar that was just hanging, but hadn't fallen, sounded really stoned when he was telling me about it. "Man, that Snicker bar is just hanging there. That sucks." I reckon if you are stoned, a hanging Snicker bar is like a carrot on a donkey. Something you really really want, but can't quite attain because you are too out stoned to be able to rock the machine to make it fall.

February 23, 2005


You may be wondering what is going on with the house that Ninsi and I are trying to purchase. The answer: not much. A lot of faxing and talking between our agent and theirs, maybe, but that is about it. They rejected our first offer, and our second offer. So we basically left it at that. Since the house has been on the market all of one week, they understandably would like a better offer to come along. I can respect that, but we can not wait for them, so I started hunting online for new places this morning.

This afternoon, our agent called, and he had been contacted by their agent. The agent wanted our second offer made firm (ie, written up on paper and presented, since initially the second offer was only verbal, and the first was firm). So, they may actually want to consider it now. Ninsi and I are going to talk about it more tonight, and probably tell our agent to fax it over in the morning. We had already moved on emotionally from that house, so it isn't as critical now. It is still a nice house though, and it has one thing going for it that none of the others do: its newness. It is less than five years old. All the others we look at are 25+ years old. It is also a little bit further away than we would really like, but it is doable. Our second offer was only 2k more than our first, and with the second offer, they are paying about $600 more in closing for us, and leaving the washer and dryer, so it isn't much of a bump up for us.

So, maybe some news tomorrow. Maybe we'll get a house. Maybe they'll get a better offer in the meantime instead. eh.

I had a space link for Jessy, but I've misplaced. I'm sure she has already read about the invisible galaxy anyway.

God forbid I misplace a link. I found it. Please don't sick Twinkie on me. Here it is.

February 24, 2005


It is early in the day for me to be posting, but sometimes, you really are just astounded by what you read, and have to share.

Firstly, it isn't so much that Rocket Fuel is being fed to newborns, so much as there is a 'recommended safe amount'.

This segues nicely into the alarming reality of Oklahoma being a lauchpoint for private space travel. Rocketplane Limited. Where were these guys when I lived in OK?

So, really, I figure that this is a perfect setup for Jess. She moves back to Oklahoma, feeds the kid his daily recommended allotment of rocket fuel, and in a few years, he's piloting spaceplanes to Mars and shit. What more could she ask for? Apart from a free ride on his plane, of course?

February 28, 2005

There's no need to fear...

So, last week I mentioned the awe-inspiring white SWAT vehicle I saw her in North Richland Hills. The next day, I saw it again. Sometimes, I have the camera in the car with me. This was one of those days.
So, for the nonbelievers. enjoy.

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