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It is early in the day for me to be posting, but sometimes, you really are just astounded by what you read, and have to share.

Firstly, it isn't so much that Rocket Fuel is being fed to newborns, so much as there is a 'recommended safe amount'.

This segues nicely into the alarming reality of Oklahoma being a lauchpoint for private space travel. Rocketplane Limited. Where were these guys when I lived in OK?

So, really, I figure that this is a perfect setup for Jess. She moves back to Oklahoma, feeds the kid his daily recommended allotment of rocket fuel, and in a few years, he's piloting spaceplanes to Mars and shit. What more could she ask for? Apart from a free ride on his plane, of course?

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The second step towards space being commercialized. Wanna name a star after your sweetheart for $50? lol... right.

The star naming thing has been around for years. But it's fairly bogus. The names that are 'sold' that way are not officially recognized, so it does not really count for anything.


aagh...dark matter...dark matter confounds the brain. Move back to Oklahoma? HAHAHAHAHAHA.


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