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Entertainment is lacking

"Ninsianna says:
i found $549 US worth of merchandise i need from dracinabox"

Im sure all you girls will find at least that much and more if you go there yourselves. It's my own fault, really, for sending her the link. Fortunately, her birthday just happened, and Christmas is 10 months off, so I have some time. And it is across the big pond, so nothing could be delivered from there to here by V-day. So nyah.

Im pissed at Ryan's management. They haven't changed the side of teh sign that I can see for about two weeks now. It is very lame. What is truly upsetting though is that I have watched them change the side that I cannot see at least twice since then. They are fucking with me, I know it.

Weekend with the Squid upcoming. Ninsi and I will be driving up to OK together, and then going our separate ways until Sunday. Oh, to Bunny - the Squid drew a picture for you a long time ago (like right after she went back to OK this Summer) and I've been waiting to give it to you since then, but you've been avoiding me and stuff so you need to remind Ninsi to take it to you sometime. I may also miss part of the Superbowl on Sunday. It will start around 4:30. I can either make a stop in McAlester on the way back to Dallas and watch it with my brothers and arrive back in Dallas around 11 pm Sunday night, (I doubt Ninsi will let that one fly) or record it, and try to catch up to it before it is over when I get back. I suspect I'll take the second option.

And of course, blogging copyright gets more complex.

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The question isn't about copyrights, it's about intellectual property rights. Anything I post to my blog is copywrighted by me. So says the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Now if I write about my company's intellectual proeprty in my blog that's where it gets sticky.


Ninsi's link sounds interesting. I'll check that out.

they have purple sparkly knee high boots (that are also available in blue and black)
That was just one outfit that i spent the $549 on (not including shipping). Of course the outfit consisted of matching skirt, corset, tights, boots, eyelashes, nailpolish, and lipstick - all in purple and puple glitter


I noticed the purple flame mary janes for you as well...

I would love that picture. I'd really like some Squid time too, if I'm building a wish list.


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