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God is a fan

God is obviously a sports fan. All the athletes constantly talk about him watching them play. At Media Day yesterday for the SuperBowl, Terrell Owens said a couple of times that God had cleared him to play. Terrell had injured his ankle about six weeks ago, and has not been cleared by the doctors. God spoke to him though, apparently, and has cleared him to play in the Superbowl.

What the Hell is a coach going to say to that? "I know what the doctor said, Coach, but God said I could play."

Im guessing that God is too busy watching sports to actually hear the prayers of everyone else in the word. Further proof that He is a man, eh?

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Sometimes I question God's intellect. He spends all his time talking to athletes and redneck presidents. Or maybe the Devil just does a really good impression of God's voice. That's my theory. I prefer to think the Devil is leading our athletes and leaders down the path of evil, rather than it being all God's idea.


I think of you are ACTUALLY hearing god, you might have schizophrenia. Which would make a whole lot of sense for W.


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