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Home sweet Earth

Terraforming, baby. It's the wave of the future. I think this idea of terraforming Mars has been explored in a game or a movie or a combination thereof. Im sure to no good end. We can do eeet!

It would be fun to try at least. Except for the whole bit of it taking hundreds or thousands of years. We could probably speed it up a little bit. Of course, this plan comes from a scientist named after an alchoholic drink, so take it with some salt.

In other news, all is well. Weekend with the squid was good. Ninsi is freaking over the wedding that is still fourteen months off. I think my mom spooked her some. That is to be expected. It has started to interfere in my life in a bad way though now. We're supposed to go look at a potential site for the ceremony tomorrow night. That happens to be the night I'm supposed to play football again. Ninsi trusts that I will make the 'right decision', as she puts it. I think I know what the right decision is, but that doesn't mean I'm not a guy that is thinking "But the wedding is over a full year away..."

I sense pain in my future.

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...and there will always be next week for football.


trust me your better off going with her... :)

It all starts with a ring and ends with a cake! :) just kidding!

As for terraforming, sounds like "Mission to Mars" and if I'm not going to see it in my lifetime, I no longer give a shit! But that now brings up the though, how about Cryogenic Freezing. I can do that and have them un freeze me when it looks like "The Jetsons" outside, or we've inhabited the Moon and Sea. I just wanna see the cool shit we see in movies damnit!

cell phones used to be part of the cool shit we see on tv. As are plasma TVs - and portable computers the size of small calculators (aka PDA).


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