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It fits in your pocket

This one is for Jess - mini-solar system.

Met Ninsi for lunch today, and that was a pain in the buttocks. I'm assuming the waiter was new since he got the drink order wrong, failed to supply us with napkins or silverware, and just took way to long to get back to us. Ever. Although, he did almost get the food order correct. Only one omission there.

Today we look at a wedding site potential. All such sites will maintain an Eigenstate potential until such a time as we actually put down a deposit.

Not a lot else. Been to busy at work, and Ryan's still hasn't changed their sign. Getting geared up for the party this weekend mostly. I should manage to finish my costume tonight, with the exception maybe of a couple buttons. I may or may not then take over control of Ninsi's sewing machine and see if I can make her something neat-o for DragonCon, or perhaps, A-Kon.

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I found a really disturbing blog the other day that cataloged a gal's anime costumes. She had a lot of them.

That's assuming you two go to DragonCon....


sweeeeet. also, looks like nasa's cuts in the new budget will finally do away with hubble. feh.


Love ya to death but it's your job to go along & be there for all the wedding stuff. When we were looking at locations, someone looked at you know who & told him that it had nothing to do with him. It was all about me & what I wanted & his job was to show up & be there. It was funny at the time. Your job is to agree to whatever she wants & not let her go crazy because your friends & family have bad manners & don't RSVP! :-)


Yeah, she's pretty right about all that stuff you should endure. It's for the best.


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