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I'm surprised that Ninsi did not mention the viewing of the potential ceremony/reception area yesterday. Perhaps she is still reeling from the unanticpated impromptu counseling session we got from the event planner. Or perhaps she has not quite reconciled with the fact that there would just be random strangers able to know only watch, but heckle, if they so chose, and small children would be quite able to throw things from great heights onto the whole ceremony. It could be any number of things that have kept her silent on it so far. I suspect it was mainly because she really did not like the carpet...

Latest KFC observation: I went there today for lunch, the guy that took my order had a nametag (as they all do.) His name was "T-Bone." It was a KFC/Taco Bell joint. There was no beef for miles.

Movies. You must see Shaolin Soccer. It's one of the best movies I've seen this year. Yes, it is a Kung Fu movie. But it's funny. Ninsi laughed in spite of herself. I told Zero to put it in the Netflix queue, but it is good enough that I may have to buy it for myself. It's roughly about a Kung Fu Master named Mighty Steel Leg that wants to make Kung Fu popular. A washed up soccar star, Golden Leg, meets up with him, and they form a soccar team of Kung Fu masters and must eventually battle Team Evil!!! One of the best scenes may have been when Mighty Steel Leg and several random passers-by suddenly get the Fire in their eyes and break out in a dance routine that is very remniscent of the Thriller video.
Go get it.

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Don't eat at KFC. They beat their chickens.

Yes, they beat them to dead so I can eat 'em!!! mmmm, chicken...


Emm, the beatings make 'em extra tender.

YOU GUYS ARE FUCKED UP. Poor, poor Chickens.

Hell has a special place for people who mistreat Chickens.

And other animals, too.

I'll say a prayer for your souls...

They stomp them to death and make them deformed by putting them in little cages.

Amen sistah girrrrrlfriend!

Ban all who eat at greasy-ass KFC and their likes!

But I like Popeye's?

And Pilgrim's, too.

That fucking old cunt buys beat up Chickens as well.

Bo Pilgrim is a freaking Nazi. He's like John Birch Society, racist scum.

Popeye's is okay, from what PETA tells me.

Phlome and Hag - don't rip my ass about this. I'm just a zealot!


please don't eat KFC

please don't eat KFC

please don't eat KFC


please don't eat KFC

please don't eat KFC


hell probally the first time he's had more than 4 posts in like 5 months. :) mmmmmmmmmmmmm chicken


*shrug* there's plenty of fucked up stuff with my own species to worry about; forgive me if I don't shed a tear for a tastey source of protien.


bok! *crunch*


you fixed my link! you like me!


nevermind. you did not fix my link. you do not like me.

You knows I loves me some Jessy. Link fixed.


apparently, chicken or the stomping of chickens is a popular subject.


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