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Location pt deux

The initial bid contract is being drawn up as I type. That doesn't mean anything is getting done today, just some stuff being faxed around. If the seller is motivated, then it will be a little easier on us. Assuming no one else comes in with a higher bid real soon. If they aren't motivated, and have time to dick around, it could be a bit.

Spent most of the weekend being geeky, since Zero's brother was in town and he wanted to play geeky games. It was a good time. My Tiefling Ranger is level Three now. ;) That was all I did Saturday. All day. Except for the eating.

Sunday was spent viewing houses. Of the five we saw, we found one we liked well enough to make an offer on. But it is still in second place to the one we have actually made an offer on today. It is in Bedford, so closer to work. It is in second place, but only by a small margin.

I also went with Ninsi and her mom to look at one potential wedding location in Grapevine. It is nice, and would make for a swell outdoor wedding. The biggest problem though is the lack of a *good* plan in case of rain. They do not have an indoor backup, so they will put up a tent in case it rains. The tent costs an extra $750-$1000, and is 20'x30'. That basically would cover the area where the reception would be. (ceremony and reception at this place are all outside in the same area) The bride would still have to walk the aisle in the rain, and I think the ceremony itself would still be wet.
I dont think that place will win. But we may go by it again in April to see how it looks when things are green and blooming.


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