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You may be wondering what is going on with the house that Ninsi and I are trying to purchase. The answer: not much. A lot of faxing and talking between our agent and theirs, maybe, but that is about it. They rejected our first offer, and our second offer. So we basically left it at that. Since the house has been on the market all of one week, they understandably would like a better offer to come along. I can respect that, but we can not wait for them, so I started hunting online for new places this morning.

This afternoon, our agent called, and he had been contacted by their agent. The agent wanted our second offer made firm (ie, written up on paper and presented, since initially the second offer was only verbal, and the first was firm). So, they may actually want to consider it now. Ninsi and I are going to talk about it more tonight, and probably tell our agent to fax it over in the morning. We had already moved on emotionally from that house, so it isn't as critical now. It is still a nice house though, and it has one thing going for it that none of the others do: its newness. It is less than five years old. All the others we look at are 25+ years old. It is also a little bit further away than we would really like, but it is doable. Our second offer was only 2k more than our first, and with the second offer, they are paying about $600 more in closing for us, and leaving the washer and dryer, so it isn't much of a bump up for us.

So, maybe some news tomorrow. Maybe we'll get a house. Maybe they'll get a better offer in the meantime instead. eh.

I had a space link for Jessy, but I've misplaced. I'm sure she has already read about the invisible galaxy anyway.

God forbid I misplace a link. I found it. Please don't sick Twinkie on me. Here it is.

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you'd best find that link...


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