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Spring line = gay

Some computers are just farging loud...

Did not get a chance to post yesterday since I had to go to the Infomart to reboot a server. Drive 30 miles just to push a button. Yar, that's why they pay me. I got a phone number to call next time so maybe someone else that is on-site can do that particularly arduous task.

I have to go back today, and put a server out there. A much more reasonable request. Im just not sure where exactly it will fit. I may have to take some duct tape.

Oh, and I did manage to wander through Dilliards yesterday during lunch. They have a lot of the new men's clothes out for the Spring. The first thought that poped into my head was that they were very much pastel. Followed by "Wow, that would make anyone look gay." If you want to celebrate your femme side, check out the new spring lines. Or wear a cape and get all rosy cheeked. Me? Ill pass.

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LOL thats great...


That picture makes me laugh every time I see it.


that is HILARIOUS.

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