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When I think of a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) unit, I tend to imagine the old television show. Big black armored van, dudes in vests and riot gear tumbling out armed with a full arsenal of weapons. Sometimes, I think the mental images get mixed up with some A-team remniscing, but that is beside the point. While I was at lunch today, I saw the vehicle for the North Richland Hills SWAT unit. It was parked somewhere, and it was white. Like a flower or bakery delivery truck. It did not instill me with a sense of awe or dread, so much as a sense of Springtime and lollipops. Im going to blame the hippies. I dont know who's fault it really is, but damn those fucking hippies for pussifying the SWAT team!

In other news, the guy that talked to me in the break room this morning and pointed out the Snicker bar that was just hanging, but hadn't fallen, sounded really stoned when he was telling me about it. "Man, that Snicker bar is just hanging there. That sucks." I reckon if you are stoned, a hanging Snicker bar is like a carrot on a donkey. Something you really really want, but can't quite attain because you are too out stoned to be able to rock the machine to make it fall.

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Why the hell does NRH need swat? I've seen the Dallas PD swat vehicle. It looks like a Tank with wheels. Oh and if people don't learn HOW to leave comments on a blog when using someone else's PC then there will be no using my pc when you come to visit.

It's probably white because it's in hot ass sun-blaring Texas. That's my only theory anyway.


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