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March 2, 2005

Ryan's is lame

Read the comments from Ninsi's March 1st blog entry to make sense of the poll question on chairs.

Ryan's Steakhouse has really been letting me down these past few weeks. They have been leaving the same message up for weeks at a time, and when they finally do change the message, it is not only boring, but properly spelled. How am I supposed to work with that? I may have to go bribe the sign changer dude next time with a $5 bill in order to get a more festive and worthwhile sign.

I met with the inspector yesterday. He had been at the house for a couple hours. Nothing really wrong anywhere. Just a few things that need to be sealed mainly. Preventative maintenance stuff. No structural problems. No termites (had it termite inspected at the same time). So it's ready to go. Now our mortgage broker is going to send out someone to appraise the house, and once he gets back the appraisal, he'll finish pushing the financing through and we will be done until April 1st, when we actually close. We are already pre-approved, so the financing shouldn't take very long once the appraisal is done. So that should all be sometime next week.

March 4, 2005

off again

Leaving work a bit early today to head North to visit the Squid for the weekend. She had the flu earlier this week, but is feeling fine now. This will probably be the last time I see her before she turns eleven early next month.

March 7, 2005

All you can eat fish fry all day

Did anyone else know that Dr Who was back in production? I didn't. It's already leaked out and everything. Some of my friends where Dr Who freaks back in middle school. The only time I saw it was when I'd catch the tail end of a show before "Jack Horkheimer - Star Hustler" came on.

That's pretty much it. Busy still at work. Spent the weekend with the Squid. She was going to stay a couple extra days with my mom since today was supposedly the start of her Spring Break. I double verified this with Namwenae (Squid mom) because I thought it was a little early. Well, yesterday, after I left, my mom calls to tell me that Nam has called her, and was mistaken about the Spring Break thing. It's next week. Oh well. Nothing I can do. Squid gets a slightly extended weekend with her grandmother and goes back to school tomorrow.

Oh, and today is the day of the final chemo treatment for Zero. We should have a party or something to celebrate. Except he'll feel like crap for a week, and still has to do the radiation treatment starting first of April. So, maybe we can have the celbratory party sometime in early May. He should even have some hair back by then. Maybe a Memorial Day/Chemo-sabe fairwell bash...


This will probably be my post for tomorrow as well. Maybe I should feel naked or something, but I don't really. Sunday, when I got back from Oklahoma, I finally shaved off the beard that had been growing for nearly two months. Ninsi took pictures during the process. I've put them up on the poll, so that when I grow it again, I'll have a better idea in what direction to head with it. Here are the pictures...
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D
Exhibit E
Exhibit F

March 9, 2005


First off, I think I want one of these. Among other things, you can play a DVD in your living room, and watch it in any other room with a TV. It also has built-in DVR and makes spam sandwiches on request.

Secondly, playing D&D is bad for your security clearance. If you plan to join the Israel Defense Forces, anyway.

Otherwise, not much happening. Going to look at a wedding local this evening, I think.

On the way to work this morning, I was driving North on Beltline. This is a street which runs along an east-west border of Irving and Grand Prairie. I saw police lights behind, so I dutifully pulled over while he passed. Ahead, at Rock Island, which is a north-south border for the same two cities, there was some traffic, and an Irving cop. The Grand Prairie cop scooted around the stopped cars, and turned left through the red light. The Irving cop never turned his lights on, but followed. It made me wonder what exactly the jurisdiction would be for the two of them. The Irving guy obviously didn't know there was something to do, or he would have had his lights on and been down the road already, so it was probably something that came from the Grand Prairie dispatch. If they both got to the event this morning, and it was on the South side of Rock Island, would the Irving cop just have to sit and watch? Unable to cross that line? Kinda like that sheriff in the Dukes of Hazard that could nap the Duke boys if they so much as put a toe across the county line, but could not touch them otherwise?

If Im speeding through Grand Prairie, up Beltline, with a cop chasing me, and I cross Rock Island, does he have to come to a full tire-squealing stop, jump from the car, shake his fist and curse at me while I speed happily away into Irving?

March 11, 2005

Spirits of the ancestors

I received a random email the other day from someone that had apparently stumbled across one of my posts from over a year ago. They were searching for infomation on Susan Redbird, as a decendant themself, and found my little blurb. So, I am going to send them scans of the stuff I have and maybe they can extend my family tree a little bit.

Today, I took a longish lunch and went to Best Buy. Nothing major, except I really started to covet some of the larger appliances. They have a range/oven/microwave combo that was just super interstellar cool. The microwave is a draw that pulls out right under the range. It is really dumb that I would want something like that though, because as both Ninsi and Zero can attest to, I don't like microwaves. I don't like the way they cook food. I dont even use it to heat up water. I have gone years between microwave uses, but average it about twice a year. Just dont like them.

But that range was cool.

It is a beautiful day outside, which makes me really want to get outside in it. Since I can't do that, it makes me want to take a nap at my desk.

March 15, 2005

Best laid plans

I had every intention of blogging yesterday. Really. But things got busy in the afternoon, and haven't really slowed down since. I have a brief moment of respite since I am really just waiting on other people to get back from lunch before I can continue.

Nothing newly significant going on anyway. Ninsi and I have officially started packing. She is a lot more particular about it than I am. I tend to just put stuff in boxes and be done with it. She actually packs it into the box. And labels the box. The way I do it is more like Christmas. A new surprise in every box. Our differing philosophies are a bit of a strain on each other, but that really isn't much of a surprise.

Looked at two potential wedding locations in the last week. One of them I do like as an actual spot. The other at least was good for other ideas, if not for a location itself.

Again, too busy to remember the insightful and topical things on which I wanted to touch, so I guess it is time to get back to it.

March 16, 2005

Weekend bust

I have plans for the weekend, but they aren't what they once were. Since Ninsi is having a estrogen weekend with the fam, I was going to get out of town and go gamble in Oklahoma. I was also going to visit a few friends that I haven't seen in a while.

It turns out that at least one of the people I was going to visit is going to be in Branson, and not that many places in OK actually have poker. I am still going to head North to OKC on Friday, but probably just stay overnight, rather than all weekend. One girl that I haven't seen since I lived in Toledo moved back to OKC a couple years ago, so I will meet up with her and her hubby and the new young one. Still trying to get in touch with another person. I have called nearly every casino in Western Oklahoma trying to find one that had actual poker, and they all said 'No.' A lot of them them plan to have it soon. Some in April, others in May, but so far, the best they have is Blackjack. Not my game, but in the interest of staying away a while longer, I may try to play with about $50. I expect that will last me about 10 minutes. It would last me a couple hours in poker. Maybe all night, depending on against whom I was playing.

Got a haircut today. I dont think Im really pleased with it, but Im sure it will be fine by tomorrow morning. Nothing that a bunch of gel can't fix. in the meantime, I wear a hat.

March 17, 2005

Wiki wiki wiki

I'm sure nearly everyone knows about Wikipedia. If you do not, you should really be ashamed of yourself.

I have a bad habit of getting lost in it. I'll go and start to read something, like an article on Technological Singularity and wind up spending an hour reading about Doomsday Arguments, and End of World beliefs from various theologies.

It is just so very difficult for me to get away from. And it's all open source free and shit. Wikipedia is seriously one of the coolest things on the web. Go, peruse, be amazed.

March 21, 2005

You um, no longer complete me

My woman is incomplete. I just don't know how I can deal with that. We're hoping her adnoids regrew by themselves. It can happen. Otherwise, she's just been living a lie.

The weekend in Oklahoma was good. My brother got the still to working, at least for a few minutes, and I got to see a friend that I haven't seen since she got married about eight years ago.

Ninsi and I yesterday did some minor funiture shopping. We will probably just buy a couch for the new house, and we did manage to find one we liked yesterday. But it was at the first place we looked, so we're going to look at one or two more stores to at least compare prices. If we get the one we looked at yesterday, we will not repaint the living room. The couch would work with the current yellow, and not so well with the red we were thinking or coloring it. We'll figure it all out within a couple weeks though.

Finally, this whole thing with the federal government getting involved in the Shiavo case is just wrong, in my opinion. Let that poor woman die already. The President and his cronies have campaigned long and hard that the marriage between a man and a woman is sacrosanct. But now they are saying that her husband shouldn't necessarily have the final say in what her wishes would be. Bush needs to make up his goddamned mind and stop way overstepping his bounds. This is a family matter. Not a government agenda.

March 22, 2005


For Jess, and she knows why these aren't actual links like they should be...
Local Evidence for Dark Energy!
Mini Big Bang Created; Puzzling Results!
Public Hearings set for Pluto Mission.

I'll post more as I find them, FJ.

In the meantime, I think I may start eating lunches further away from work. If I eat at one of the nearby fast food restaurants, I run the risk of having to interact with someone I work with. Not that that is a bad thing in and of itself, but if I wanted to see people at lunch, I'd go to with them. I figure if I drive a couple extra blocks to the same fast food place, I'll eliminate that possibility, and everyone will live happier.

March 23, 2005


Just show the god-damned movie.

Oh, Jess, they have detected a couple planets by directly detecting the light from them, and not from a star wobble...

1:"I guess spades don't scare anybody"
2:"No, but you do, fat boy"
1:"Why do I have to be fat?"
2:"Im sorry, I meant stupid."

This conversation that I watched last night while I was piddling around with some free online poker then degenerated a little further into a discussion of one of the party's mother. I think Fat Boys. What I find best about it was that Fat Boy was only concerned that the other guy called him fat. Forget all the 'i fucked yo momma' stuff that followed. He wanted to know what made him fat.

I called the cable company yesterday to inquire about getting cable modem at the new house. They were unable to tell me if it was possible or not. They are sending a guy out to see where the house actually is, then give a 'yea' or 'nay'. We're not in fucking Arkansas or South Carolina here. I guess it is wrong of me to simply expect cable to be available in any urban location I happen to live.

March 24, 2005

sign hatin

I was talking to Titfos today, and had to lament on the sad state of the Ryan's sign. I dont know if they hired a QC person or not, but the damn thing hasn't had a misspelled word in weeks. The temptation to go over there and 'fix' it myself grows daily. I yearn for the days when it made about as much sense as the stupid duck thing I found on my windowsill last night. I dont know what it was, or from whence it came, but it is in a box now.

I feel like I am almost done packing. I think that Ninsi would call me crazy for making that statement. But really, I look around and think to myself "Hmm, what should I pack now?" and realize that there really isn't a whole lot for me to pack away. So that means Im about done, right?

March 28, 2005


Long weekend.

Had a class/seminar thing on Friday. Im not real sure how informative it was. I suppose I got something out of it. Specifically a book, and a nice Day-runner thing.

Most of Saturday was spent being geeky. And Sunday was packing and trying to get as much ready to move as possible.

Today is the first day of what will be an interminal week. And I really won't have much to say on it. Though I did notice a lot of people walking around with strollers today when I went to lunch. Why? I dont know. It was a decent day, but it was odd to see so many random people with a stroller, and in no way connected to each other.

Oh, yeah, some of you may remember when I spoke of having to unstick Ninsi's car from the mud. The whole operation took me a couple hours. Well, one of the guys that came to Irving for the geekfest, when we tried to leave on Sunday, a front tire on his truck had sank into the mud as well, and he was completely stuck. We tried the same manuver to get his truck unstuck as I used to get the Mustang out, but it was less fruitful. A tow truck eventually arrived and pulled him out, but not without snapping one of his tow cord thingies.

That's all I got right now.

March 29, 2005


I noticed something this morning for the first time. As I was just arriving at work, about to turn into the parking lot, across the highway I see a wedding chapel. Having been engaged for almost four months, one might think that something like this would have jumped out at me before now. Especially with all the location hunting that has been ongoing. Not the case, though. Anyway, I mentioned it to Ninsi, and she looked it up online. I think it would probably work well, and not be too expensive, but she will have nothing to do with it. Because, in addition to being a wedding chapel, it is also a funeral home. Pretty cool, eh? My bride-to-be doesn't think so.

Maybe she should be a little more open minded, eh?

March 30, 2005

It's a shrub

In one of the trashbins in the bathroom here at the office is a tree. Or part of what is left of a tree. As if someone finally gave up on Christmas, and pruned the crap out of what was left of their fake tree and put the bits in the trash. Or maybe it was a wreath and they threw that away. Whichever, it isn't exactly something you expect to see at the end of March.

I learned a new guaranteed way to make Ninsi scream at the TV last night. "The O'reilly Factor." That guy is just nutty insane, and in his view, Ninsi would easily fall into the class of 'extemist liberal.' He just starts talking, and she just starts shouting at him. It's best when I've turned off the TV and she just sporadically shouts something at it. Like an anti-conservative Turrets syndrome.

New voice actress I haven't seen before came into the office today. Red headed of course. Short shorts, and um, uh... i've lost my train of thought...

March 31, 2005


Probably the last post til next week. Working from home tomorrow, and I'll be trying to get a few more things taken care of for the move. I'll also have to actually do work, and that is a pisser.

I bought gas a lunch today, and was standing there watching the counter go steadily up when I suddenly hear the gas spilling out of my tank. The handle did not release automatically like it is supposed to do when the tank is full so it was coming out everywhere. It is bad enough that I had to get gas all over my hands to get the pump out, but what really adds the insult to this particular injury is the fact that gas is so fucking expensive. I couldn't be bothered to waste gas when it was cheap. I had to wait for it to cost me over $2 per gallon before I go and waste it.

Fortunately, I had already been planning to wash my car while I was at lunch, so it doesn't really smell like gas on the outside anymore. My hand, and the inside of the car are not so lucky though.

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