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All you can eat fish fry all day

Did anyone else know that Dr Who was back in production? I didn't. It's already leaked out and everything. Some of my friends where Dr Who freaks back in middle school. The only time I saw it was when I'd catch the tail end of a show before "Jack Horkheimer - Star Hustler" came on.

That's pretty much it. Busy still at work. Spent the weekend with the Squid. She was going to stay a couple extra days with my mom since today was supposedly the start of her Spring Break. I double verified this with Namwenae (Squid mom) because I thought it was a little early. Well, yesterday, after I left, my mom calls to tell me that Nam has called her, and was mistaken about the Spring Break thing. It's next week. Oh well. Nothing I can do. Squid gets a slightly extended weekend with her grandmother and goes back to school tomorrow.

Oh, and today is the day of the final chemo treatment for Zero. We should have a party or something to celebrate. Except he'll feel like crap for a week, and still has to do the radiation treatment starting first of April. So, maybe we can have the celbratory party sometime in early May. He should even have some hair back by then. Maybe a Memorial Day/Chemo-sabe fairwell bash...


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