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Best laid plans

I had every intention of blogging yesterday. Really. But things got busy in the afternoon, and haven't really slowed down since. I have a brief moment of respite since I am really just waiting on other people to get back from lunch before I can continue.

Nothing newly significant going on anyway. Ninsi and I have officially started packing. She is a lot more particular about it than I am. I tend to just put stuff in boxes and be done with it. She actually packs it into the box. And labels the box. The way I do it is more like Christmas. A new surprise in every box. Our differing philosophies are a bit of a strain on each other, but that really isn't much of a surprise.

Looked at two potential wedding locations in the last week. One of them I do like as an actual spot. The other at least was good for other ideas, if not for a location itself.

Again, too busy to remember the insightful and topical things on which I wanted to touch, so I guess it is time to get back to it.

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phlome asked me if it was really necessary to wrap the plates in newspaper. later that night (or was it the next night?) he brought a box in from the garage containing some pots and pans, plates and bowls. none wrapped. just sort of thrown in there all randomly. 2 bowls were broken. You'd think he'd get it by now.
Metal pots and pans and ceramic plates all in one box!? unwrapped!? *sigh* I forsee much distress over the next few months.


Geeze Phlome, not even I'm quite THAT bad with packing.


I am i just shoved blankets in the boxes with dishes and my clothes were moved in garbage bags.


I still have the ghetto garbage bags for clothes thing going on - still in my closet, as a matter of fact. But I did use that happy foam sheeting stuff for the dishes, which are technically unpacked, but still in the foam sheeting in my cabinet awaiting the dishwashing marathon that is yet to come.

phlome wanted to wash the dishes before we packed them. Isn't he sweet? I told him, he was welcome to, but that I would insist on a washing when we moved in, so he might as well wait.


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