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First off, I think I want one of these. Among other things, you can play a DVD in your living room, and watch it in any other room with a TV. It also has built-in DVR and makes spam sandwiches on request.

Secondly, playing D&D is bad for your security clearance. If you plan to join the Israel Defense Forces, anyway.

Otherwise, not much happening. Going to look at a wedding local this evening, I think.

On the way to work this morning, I was driving North on Beltline. This is a street which runs along an east-west border of Irving and Grand Prairie. I saw police lights behind, so I dutifully pulled over while he passed. Ahead, at Rock Island, which is a north-south border for the same two cities, there was some traffic, and an Irving cop. The Grand Prairie cop scooted around the stopped cars, and turned left through the red light. The Irving cop never turned his lights on, but followed. It made me wonder what exactly the jurisdiction would be for the two of them. The Irving guy obviously didn't know there was something to do, or he would have had his lights on and been down the road already, so it was probably something that came from the Grand Prairie dispatch. If they both got to the event this morning, and it was on the South side of Rock Island, would the Irving cop just have to sit and watch? Unable to cross that line? Kinda like that sheriff in the Dukes of Hazard that could nap the Duke boys if they so much as put a toe across the county line, but could not touch them otherwise?

If Im speeding through Grand Prairie, up Beltline, with a cop chasing me, and I cross Rock Island, does he have to come to a full tire-squealing stop, jump from the car, shake his fist and curse at me while I speed happily away into Irving?

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From talking to cops, most seem to have agreements between jurisdictions to cross borders to apprehend fleeing suspects. If not, I think they have to radio the local folks and let them handle it.


He can radio ahead and get the next jurisdiction cops to get him or, he can get permission to cross jursdiction and pursue.


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