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Probably the last post til next week. Working from home tomorrow, and I'll be trying to get a few more things taken care of for the move. I'll also have to actually do work, and that is a pisser.

I bought gas a lunch today, and was standing there watching the counter go steadily up when I suddenly hear the gas spilling out of my tank. The handle did not release automatically like it is supposed to do when the tank is full so it was coming out everywhere. It is bad enough that I had to get gas all over my hands to get the pump out, but what really adds the insult to this particular injury is the fact that gas is so fucking expensive. I couldn't be bothered to waste gas when it was cheap. I had to wait for it to cost me over $2 per gallon before I go and waste it.

Fortunately, I had already been planning to wash my car while I was at lunch, so it doesn't really smell like gas on the outside anymore. My hand, and the inside of the car are not so lucky though.


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