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It's a shrub

In one of the trashbins in the bathroom here at the office is a tree. Or part of what is left of a tree. As if someone finally gave up on Christmas, and pruned the crap out of what was left of their fake tree and put the bits in the trash. Or maybe it was a wreath and they threw that away. Whichever, it isn't exactly something you expect to see at the end of March.

I learned a new guaranteed way to make Ninsi scream at the TV last night. "The O'reilly Factor." That guy is just nutty insane, and in his view, Ninsi would easily fall into the class of 'extemist liberal.' He just starts talking, and she just starts shouting at him. It's best when I've turned off the TV and she just sporadically shouts something at it. Like an anti-conservative Turrets syndrome.

New voice actress I haven't seen before came into the office today. Red headed of course. Short shorts, and um, uh... i've lost my train of thought...

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Ahh, O'Reilly.

What's scary is that there's plenty of people (fairly intelligent folks, mind you) who think he Actually Knows What He's Talking About.

And that is exactly what I'm talking about. He had some guy on there bitching about the ACLU. "What is the ACLU doing in the middle of the Shaivo case?" Well, what the f*@%! are the legislative and executive branches of the government doing in the middle of the Shaivo case? I don't know who said it O'Reilly or the other dumbass, but somebody said "The ACLU loves abortion, they embrace abortion, they want abortion..." WTF! Nobody wants abortion! ARGGGGG!


hey, you never sent me any info on that voice over stuff. if you get a minute after this busy weekend, you should email it to me.

That would be Emily Hornsby and yes. agreed.


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