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This will probably be my post for tomorrow as well. Maybe I should feel naked or something, but I don't really. Sunday, when I got back from Oklahoma, I finally shaved off the beard that had been growing for nearly two months. Ninsi took pictures during the process. I've put them up on the poll, so that when I grow it again, I'll have a better idea in what direction to head with it. Here are the pictures...
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D
Exhibit E
Exhibit F

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I think it's all or nothing for you, though the Fumanchu (exibit C) isn't to bad. I saw you today and didn't even notice it was gone. So Sad.


Jeez!, I'm in the same boat as Demi. I saw you three times today and didn't notice a thing.


I think you should go with D... and say Howboutcha alot.

I prefer the trimmed beard in B and the clean shaven F. D and E disturb me.

oh yeah - I also like the goatee in C.

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