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Long weekend.

Had a class/seminar thing on Friday. Im not real sure how informative it was. I suppose I got something out of it. Specifically a book, and a nice Day-runner thing.

Most of Saturday was spent being geeky. And Sunday was packing and trying to get as much ready to move as possible.

Today is the first day of what will be an interminal week. And I really won't have much to say on it. Though I did notice a lot of people walking around with strollers today when I went to lunch. Why? I dont know. It was a decent day, but it was odd to see so many random people with a stroller, and in no way connected to each other.

Oh, yeah, some of you may remember when I spoke of having to unstick Ninsi's car from the mud. The whole operation took me a couple hours. Well, one of the guys that came to Irving for the geekfest, when we tried to leave on Sunday, a front tire on his truck had sank into the mud as well, and he was completely stuck. We tried the same manuver to get his truck unstuck as I used to get the Mustang out, but it was less fruitful. A tow truck eventually arrived and pulled him out, but not without snapping one of his tow cord thingies.

That's all I got right now.

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The Girl and I got to help push some silly teenagers who'd gotten their car stuck in 6 inches of snow this weekend. Good times :)


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