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Ryan's is lame

Read the comments from Ninsi's March 1st blog entry to make sense of the poll question on chairs.

Ryan's Steakhouse has really been letting me down these past few weeks. They have been leaving the same message up for weeks at a time, and when they finally do change the message, it is not only boring, but properly spelled. How am I supposed to work with that? I may have to go bribe the sign changer dude next time with a $5 bill in order to get a more festive and worthwhile sign.

I met with the inspector yesterday. He had been at the house for a couple hours. Nothing really wrong anywhere. Just a few things that need to be sealed mainly. Preventative maintenance stuff. No structural problems. No termites (had it termite inspected at the same time). So it's ready to go. Now our mortgage broker is going to send out someone to appraise the house, and once he gets back the appraisal, he'll finish pushing the financing through and we will be done until April 1st, when we actually close. We are already pre-approved, so the financing shouldn't take very long once the appraisal is done. So that should all be sometime next week.

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You need to bring in your camera or borrow mine as I always tend to have it with me here at the office and take pictures of the Ryan's sign everytime it's updated and post it on your site.

At least I'd think that'd be neat.


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