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I noticed something this morning for the first time. As I was just arriving at work, about to turn into the parking lot, across the highway I see a wedding chapel. Having been engaged for almost four months, one might think that something like this would have jumped out at me before now. Especially with all the location hunting that has been ongoing. Not the case, though. Anyway, I mentioned it to Ninsi, and she looked it up online. I think it would probably work well, and not be too expensive, but she will have nothing to do with it. Because, in addition to being a wedding chapel, it is also a funeral home. Pretty cool, eh? My bride-to-be doesn't think so.

Maybe she should be a little more open minded, eh?

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it looks like a funeral home. if it looked like a chapel that just happened to host funerals, that would be one thing. I'm not getting married in a building that reminds me of my uncle Harold's funeral.


On Charmed Phoebe married Cole in a mausoleum chapel, but it was a Dark Wedding that she was tricked into so she could conceive the Source's son. They had a dark priest perform it. So I'm just voting with Ninsi here - you're playing with bad juju getting married in a funeral home. Hell, a cemetery in New Orleans would at least look prettier.


Wow, that's pretty creepy looking.. what's up with the giant throne?


ewe. i'm gonna have to agree with ninsi on that one, phlome. no way jose.

and bunny -- i miss cole. he's good as Christian on nip/tuck, but we all like us a bad boy every now and again....


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