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sign hatin

I was talking to Titfos today, and had to lament on the sad state of the Ryan's sign. I dont know if they hired a QC person or not, but the damn thing hasn't had a misspelled word in weeks. The temptation to go over there and 'fix' it myself grows daily. I yearn for the days when it made about as much sense as the stupid duck thing I found on my windowsill last night. I dont know what it was, or from whence it came, but it is in a box now.

I feel like I am almost done packing. I think that Ninsi would call me crazy for making that statement. But really, I look around and think to myself "Hmm, what should I pack now?" and realize that there really isn't a whole lot for me to pack away. So that means Im about done, right?

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then I guess you'll be helping me to pack up my room this weekend?

and we need to be sure to get our figurine heads (your nubian, my mexican) out of the living room. You can go ahead and pack up the stuff in the bathroom. Bathroom stuff you can pack your way. Just label the location from wence it came, so when I go looking for my purple mascara, or blue nailpolish next weekend, I'll know which box to dig through. And don't pack anything on the counter or in the bathtub. And leave Efiesaitch and his food alone too.

I was mentioned in your blog. Hot diggity damn.
Moving sucks. I hope that I don't move for a while. The good thing is the opportunity to get rid of stuff. Best of luck to you and Ninsi, don't sweat the difficult stuff and it's all difficult. righty-right!


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