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Spirits of the ancestors

I received a random email the other day from someone that had apparently stumbled across one of my posts from over a year ago. They were searching for infomation on Susan Redbird, as a decendant themself, and found my little blurb. So, I am going to send them scans of the stuff I have and maybe they can extend my family tree a little bit.

Today, I took a longish lunch and went to Best Buy. Nothing major, except I really started to covet some of the larger appliances. They have a range/oven/microwave combo that was just super interstellar cool. The microwave is a draw that pulls out right under the range. It is really dumb that I would want something like that though, because as both Ninsi and Zero can attest to, I don't like microwaves. I don't like the way they cook food. I dont even use it to heat up water. I have gone years between microwave uses, but average it about twice a year. Just dont like them.

But that range was cool.

It is a beautiful day outside, which makes me really want to get outside in it. Since I can't do that, it makes me want to take a nap at my desk.

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i'm just catching up on blog reading.... saw the "exhibit" post, and i am cracking up. the moustaches got me.... hilarious. do not EVER grow a moustache. they are creepy and weird.

It is pretty darn nice out.. At least you have a window to look out and daydream. I've got tons of people always walking by so I'm screwed there. Incredibles on DVD tomorrow. :)


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