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Just show the god-damned movie.

Oh, Jess, they have detected a couple planets by directly detecting the light from them, and not from a star wobble...

1:"I guess spades don't scare anybody"
2:"No, but you do, fat boy"
1:"Why do I have to be fat?"
2:"Im sorry, I meant stupid."

This conversation that I watched last night while I was piddling around with some free online poker then degenerated a little further into a discussion of one of the party's mother. I think Fat Boys. What I find best about it was that Fat Boy was only concerned that the other guy called him fat. Forget all the 'i fucked yo momma' stuff that followed. He wanted to know what made him fat.

I called the cable company yesterday to inquire about getting cable modem at the new house. They were unable to tell me if it was possible or not. They are sending a guy out to see where the house actually is, then give a 'yea' or 'nay'. We're not in fucking Arkansas or South Carolina here. I guess it is wrong of me to simply expect cable to be available in any urban location I happen to live.

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