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Weekend bust

I have plans for the weekend, but they aren't what they once were. Since Ninsi is having a estrogen weekend with the fam, I was going to get out of town and go gamble in Oklahoma. I was also going to visit a few friends that I haven't seen in a while.

It turns out that at least one of the people I was going to visit is going to be in Branson, and not that many places in OK actually have poker. I am still going to head North to OKC on Friday, but probably just stay overnight, rather than all weekend. One girl that I haven't seen since I lived in Toledo moved back to OKC a couple years ago, so I will meet up with her and her hubby and the new young one. Still trying to get in touch with another person. I have called nearly every casino in Western Oklahoma trying to find one that had actual poker, and they all said 'No.' A lot of them them plan to have it soon. Some in April, others in May, but so far, the best they have is Blackjack. Not my game, but in the interest of staying away a while longer, I may try to play with about $50. I expect that will last me about 10 minutes. It would last me a couple hours in poker. Maybe all night, depending on against whom I was playing.

Got a haircut today. I dont think Im really pleased with it, but Im sure it will be fine by tomorrow morning. Nothing that a bunch of gel can't fix. in the meantime, I wear a hat.

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WTF?! I HAVE to be gone for the whole weekend from my OWN house, but YOU don't? Better start explainin......

I'm supposed to be gone the whole weekend, but because Oklahoma refused to cooperate, it's a little more difficult. I'll probably come back late Saturday, and sneak out again early Sunday and remain gone until the house is clear again. I had much grander plans for the weekend. Damn Oklahoma.


Huh UH. Not accetable. IF you don't have to be gone then neither do I. It would be way more convient for me to go home next weekend than this one.


A few of the casinos around here have Texas Holdem (Route 66 comes to mind).

eh, Ill just stay out of state all weekend then. It isn't really a problem for me either way. It just isnt' the plan as originally formulated.


Whatever, do what you want. You've known about Ninsi's plans as long as I have. It's extremely inconvient for me to be gone this weekend, but I'll be in OK cause that's what I said I would do.


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