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You um, no longer complete me

My woman is incomplete. I just don't know how I can deal with that. We're hoping her adnoids regrew by themselves. It can happen. Otherwise, she's just been living a lie.

The weekend in Oklahoma was good. My brother got the still to working, at least for a few minutes, and I got to see a friend that I haven't seen since she got married about eight years ago.

Ninsi and I yesterday did some minor funiture shopping. We will probably just buy a couch for the new house, and we did manage to find one we liked yesterday. But it was at the first place we looked, so we're going to look at one or two more stores to at least compare prices. If we get the one we looked at yesterday, we will not repaint the living room. The couch would work with the current yellow, and not so well with the red we were thinking or coloring it. We'll figure it all out within a couple weeks though.

Finally, this whole thing with the federal government getting involved in the Shiavo case is just wrong, in my opinion. Let that poor woman die already. The President and his cronies have campaigned long and hard that the marriage between a man and a woman is sacrosanct. But now they are saying that her husband shouldn't necessarily have the final say in what her wishes would be. Bush needs to make up his goddamned mind and stop way overstepping his bounds. This is a family matter. Not a government agenda.

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Exactly on the Shiavo thing.

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