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April 6, 2005


There is just so much since last post. I'll probably forget most of it. Anyway:

As Ninsi mentioned, the closing did not go as planned on Friday. We did everything right. From day one of the house buying process, before we even talked to a mortgage broker, we did everything we were supposed to do, and did it on time. But, on the day of closing, some woman at National City simply did not transfer the money. Ninsi and I sat in the back of the title company waiting for the sellers to finish signing their papers so that we could get the keys and go to our new home. Instead, the agent said there was no money until Monday morning, and so we couldn't have the keys. If the sellers had done their closing earlier, there would have been time to fix it. But they did it at 4:30 on Friday, so by the time the problem was found, it was after 5 pm, the Fed was closed, and it was impossible to wire the money. It has been several years since I was as pissed off as I was Friday afternon.

What could we do? Nothing.
We had cleaners scheduled for Saturday morning, cable install and furniture delivery that afternoon. Rescheduling all of that was going to be a real pain in the ass. The sellers could have allowed access to the house for these things, or even let us in and we would pay rent to them for three days, but they refused, and just left the title company.

Needless to say, Ninsi and I did reschedule everything for Monday, and we both took the extra day off work, and hired movers to move all our stuff. Since all the people that would have helped us move on Saturday have to work on Monday.

When I picked up the keys Monday morning, I talked to the title agent again for a couple minutes. She said that the woman at the mortgage company that failed to fund the money had no excuse. She simply did not do it. Just did not do it. Bitch.
That's one. More later as I have time.

Super suckers

Somewhere, like right below this, is an entry on why we were unable to move in on Saturday, as per our original plan. Because of that, we had to reschedule deliveries, and installations.

When I called Comcast initially to get the cable modem installation scheduled, they were able to set it up for Saturday. No problem. When I called to get it rescheduled, they said they could not do it before Thursday (6 days from day of call). I thought that was a little long, but it was the best they could do. I asked them if they could call if someone cancelled and an earlier spot came open, but the person said that I would just have to call each day and see what was avalible. Fine. I did that, and when I called on Saturday, I called and mangaged to secure an install time on Tuesday, from 2-5. On Sunday I called again, and they verified my Tuesday time, and this time I was told that if someone did open on Monday, that they would call me. They never called, I wasn't surprised.

On Tuesday, I took off work early to go wait for the cable guy. At 2 pm, I was at the house. At 3:37, the mailman came by and I talked to him. About half an hour later, the UPS man showed up and I talked to him. At 5 pm, I called Comcast asking where the hell their tech was. I was told that he was running late, but would be there soon. And in the meantime, they would call me back with a more exact time. Twenty minutes later, I called again, and was told that the tech had tried to contact me twice. Once at 3:30, and again at 4. But no one was home. He was able to describe the house (red brick with white trim), and that served as proof that he was here. At that point, I exploded on the poor person on the other side, explaining that no cable guy ever showed up and that his being able to describe a red-brick house with white trim meant nothing. Since it describes at least three other houses on the block. They also could not reschedule for another six days. I also spoke with the supervisor, and had the same conversation. The supervisor eventually hung up on me without really giving me any answers.

I called back one more time around 6:30 and found out at that point that I could put in a dispute ticket to have a supervisor call me back. Of course I wanted that. They should have told me that ninety minutes before. An hour later, no one had called back, and I gave up for the evening.

This morning, I have Ninsi checking out DSL as an option, and it is an option, just not for at least a week. I call back Comcast. The first rep I talk to can't explain why I wasn't called back last night. It was just dropped. But she took my work number and said a supervisor would call me right away. Like immediately. Thirty minutes later, I called back asking why that call never happened, and didn't even bother with the poor girl's name before I had her transfer me to a supervisor.

A helpful one.

I was utterly astonished. I explained everything from my side to this lady, and she said she would try to get someone out tonight, after 5 to hook us up. But she would have to talk to dispatch first and see if it was even possible. We hung up. Less than five minutes later, she calls back and has spoke with dispatch. They are busy today, but will try to make it to our house, but she will call me as soon as she knows for sure if they can put us on the list or not. Ten minutes later, she calls back, and we are slotted in for sometime between 5-8. Thank God.

Finally, I seem to have found the one person at Comcast that actually made an effort to help. Yesterday, when I was dealing with the reps and supervisor, they asked me several times "What do you want us to do?" and I replied with "I want someone out here tonight, or tomorrow night after 5 pm." and was continually told, "We can't do that."

Apparently they can. And the lady I talked to today did it without me having to ask for it. If they don't show up though, then we will have to get DSL. I'll be to tired of fucking with Comcast to keep dealing with it.
Too long. But gads! I was pissed at them.

Quick break

For the mech fans out there: Big Robot
It's an actual mech with a guy inside to drive it. And Nerf guns!

Linus sacrifices a chicken: A Charlie Brown Halloween

And just for Bunny: Starbucks Delocater
It found a cafe that does karoke and anime on a 83" projection. How cool is that?

Almost forgot

Oh yeah
It's my Birthday.

April 7, 2005

How'd ya move?

We hired movers, as was previously mentioned. I dont think we actually made note of the movers themselves though. Not a lot to say about them, except that sometimes, the one in charge was unintentionally funny in his berating of the other one.

The first guy is a twelve year veteran of the moving gig. He never once stopped to take a break or rest. When they arrived at the house, he introduced himself, and his partner came around the other side of the truck and the veteran said, "And this is..., Hell, tell them your name. I dont know it."

I forget what the guys name was, but it was his first day. All day long the other guy tormented him for being too slow, not carrying enough boxes, or trying to rest. If he started to pick up a box that was pretty heavy, the older guy would ask if he needed to call the hospital. Actually, Ninis was pretty sure that maybe the new guy could use a visit to the hospital. I only heard him threaten to fire the guy one time, though. "If that shelf touches the wall, you're fired." This was as they were bringing a bookshelf up the stairs and turning it around the corner.

I almost felt bad for new guy, but at the same time, understood that the older guy wouldn't want someone working with him that wasn't going to do good work. I dont know if he made it back for a second day or not.

April 11, 2005

Hidden Treasures

So we moved. And all last week, I couldn't find some of my clothes: a couple pair of shorts, a couple anime shirts, some socks. Ninsi kept asking where I thought I packed them. I couldn't recall. She looked again when she was at Zero's over the weekend. I had pretty much given up until last night. I am trying to clean up some more of the unpacked stuff, and I unzip a suitcase which Ninsi had packed, and wa-la! there it all was. She had packed it in a place she knew I would never look, a suitcase I think she doesn't like my clothes. I think she even stated that she knew what was in that suitcase, and it wasn't my clothes. Devil woman.

I went to OK for the weekend to spend some time with the Squid. I told her we'd go shopping for her birthday. Oddly enough, she couldn't find any clothes she really wanted. So she built a bear. These places are insane around Christmas. But not so bad the rest of the year.

I had some thought about escort services that I wanted to mention, but I dont recall what it was now.

April 12, 2005

The hook-up

I was going to blog about what I saw today from my window, but I figured it would just be easiest to copy the dialogue I had with Ninsi about it instead. It was mostly me talking as I watched. Ninsi only had a couple comments. I think it is a pretty accurate portrayal of what went down...

Phlome says:
Maybe she's a hooker?
Phlome says:
Fat girl in the street talking to someone in a car
Ninsi says:
Phlome says:
She's standing in the middle of the street. The car is stopped there
Phlome says:
He just gave her a cell phone
Phlome says:
she's talkin
Phlome says:
hung up
Phlome says:
damn, no bitch slap
Phlome says:
but she's getting in the car now
Phlome says:
off they go
Ninsi says:
she had to use his phone to call her pimp

Don't you wish you had a window in your office?

April 13, 2005


Last night, I drained the spa. The bib valve broke off while I was doing this. The piece itself isn't necessary to the spa working correctly, but it does keep the water from draining out of the tub. Today, during lunch, I went to the pool supply store to get a new one. I figure it is a $.50 piece that they will charge $5 for. Actually I went to two pool stores. The first one, Leslie's, did not have the part. Neither did the second. Though they could both special order it for me. Screw that. I'll be making a pit stop at Home Depot for a bib valve, or something that will work equally well, and probably not cost more than $2.

They also neither one carry the filter I need for the hot tub. Neither does Home Depot. But I can order it online for about $25. Which is fully $20 less than Leslie's was going to charge to special order it for me. I think I will probably be doing a lot of online ordering for the hot tub, rather than pay the 90-100% mark-up for the pool store.

I eventually made it to Wendy's for lunch. One of the slowest Wendy's I have ever dined at. I couldn't quite figure if it was incompetent employee's or customers ordering lots of food. It was decided for me when one of the employee's got some tea, and left the tea spout on after filling the cup. Tea ran all over the counter and onto the floor.

There were a couple dudes in front of me in line. They were both tattooed over most of their visible body. All up and down the arms, and on the neck. One of them, on his left tricep, had the word "white" tattooed. And on the right tricep, was the word "power". I didn't really know what to make of it once he and his buddy sat down to eat with a black guy. He may also have had the word "aceed" on his neck, but it was so stylized that I couldn't make it out very well.

April 15, 2005


Mmmmm, Friday.

The house is actually starting to get some kind of order together. The living room and kitch and office are mostly done now. Still a lot of clothes to put away properly, and stuff in the garage to go through, but it's not as daunting as it was.

A lot of us read online comics. Usually because of their humor value. Here is one that is just good. Momscancer. Read it. You'll be glad you did. It's only like 35 pages, (it's a comic) so it wont take to long to get through, but definately worth the time. It also will not be online much longer as the guy is getting it published, and the web version will be coming down.

Something that pisses me off:
I went to Home Depot yesterday, and as I was walking in from one aisle of cars, there was a lady walking in from another aisle. Probably mid-late 30s. Not real fat, but starting to get that middle-age body. Maybe 160s or so. She was walking perfectly fine though. And then, as she got near the store, she sat her ass down on the fucking Home Depot scooter thing so she could ride around in the store.

Perfectly capable, but too goddamned lazy to walk around the store. I don't care if she weighs 300 pounds, if you are completely ambulatory, you have no business riding a scooter. And then bitching when it goes to slow.

April 19, 2005

Smell that smell...

Of cut grass. Mmmmmm. Got the lawnmower this weekend when Lil Bro came down and fired it up yesterday. I don't have a gas can for it yet, so I only had what gas was in it, but it lasted longer than I expected. I managed to do all the front yard, and over half of the back before it petered out on me. I also stepped in an ant hill that was completely hidden by the too tall grass. Good times. But most of the yard looks better now.

We have a new pope! As I'm sure everyone is already aware. I dont understand why they don't pick some new names. As Pope, you pick your own name. Why would you want to be Benedict the XVI, when you could be Bob I? From a sports perspective the new Pope:
comes out as an underclassman at a young 78
can bench press 180 rosarys
runs the 40 in about two days
as the fourth pick in this papal draft, has some pretty high expectations to fulfill.

Go Ben.

April 20, 2005


Road signs.
Today a large truck full of highway workers, and more importantly, highway signs stopped on the road outside my window. The truck was just packed full of signs telling what highway you were on, and what the next exit was. They arrived about an hour before I went to lunch, and left a few minutes after I got back from lunch. Im not sure they actually did anything. They may have replaced the sign I can see from here, but it didnt look like it needed to be replaced. It looks exactly like it did before. So Im not sure what they were doing for that two hours.

Oh yeah, I read that one of the reasons the new Pope chose the name Benedictus, is because he is 78 years old and doesn't expect the pontification to last terribly long. The last Benedictus had one of the shortest reigns in the twentieth century. Apparently that was a factor in the name choosing. Benedictus the Short Reigned is what he'll be known as.

I think we've almost got the house put away properly. Once everything is where it belongs, Ninsi will take some pictures and we'll put them online. Of course, I think we're almost done, then I remember all the boxes in the garage that we haven't touched yet. I'm ready to start on my other projects. This house thing is taking too much of my time...

April 21, 2005

blame the stripper

I went to Home Depot today at lunch to pick up some items. Tops on the list was a shower rod, so that we could hang a shower curtain. It was the first thing I picked up. I then went to the paint aisle to look at varnish strippers and stuff so that I can start refinishing a table soon. Have to strip it, sand it, stain it, and refinish it all so that it looks pretty again. Anyway, I spent a few minutes finding a stripper, and finally settled on one. Also picking up a couple brushes, pan, gloves, and stripper tool on the way. I check out, and think "Wow, it's less than I was expecting." Just long enough later to be too late, I realize that it's so cheap all of a sudden because I left the shower rod on the floor of the stripper aisle. ^insert your own shower rod/stripper joke here^

Sometimes, when I call Ninsi on the phone from my work to hers, we are disconnected. It only happens when I talk to her. Only. So, of course, I blame her. She blames me. Whatever. I think I know the answer. When it happened today, I drew a picture depicting what I think really happens. It was drawn in MSN messenger with a mouse, so fuck off about the art.

here it is

April 25, 2005


I really got nothing.
Friday, we went out.
Saturday, we had a housewarming party.
Sunday, laid around pretty much all day.
Today, slightly nauseated, and cold.
Probably going home early.

April 26, 2005


Ryan's almost got back to normal for a while. Currently, it reads "Monday all you can eat fish fry feast." But they way they have it on the sign, it looks a lot more like "Monday, all can fish, you eat fry, feast." I dare not get up my hopes that the QC of the past few months is now gone.

I am on the verge of actual illness I think. Saturday I woke up with a sore throat, and most of Sunday and Monday I felt vaguely nauseated. Last night and today my sinuses are running. Not quite sick, but definately not well.

Nothing much else going on. Ninsi started her latest class last night. The house is mostly clean, which means it will soon be time to start going through the stuff in the garage. Once that is done, I can actually start working on the garage itself. It needs to be painted, and some shelves need to be built into it. Still have to refinish the table and make a costume before that though. So I have plenty to keep me busy.

April 27, 2005

Secretary's Day

That's what today is. And Ryan's would like you to join them for it. Though they have called it 'Professional Assistant's Day.' Whatever. It would have been better if they had put that sign up yesterday so that the secretary's would acutally have had a change to make arrangements to eat there. When they put it up today, it was within half an hour of lunch. I know. I watched. Then I went to lunch somewhere else.

A secretary would be nice to have. But we have interns, and they are almost as good sometimes.

I am learning to sew, somewhat. Oddly enough, I work with no less than three people that sew very well. One is majoring in fashion design, one just likes to do it, and the other, well, likes to do it, and likes to do it fancy. On the order of wedding dresses. So I should be able to get plenty of advice. Im trying to avoid just bringing all the material up one day and saying "here, you do it for me."
The impetus, you ask? Well, one day Ninsi said to me, "If you make it, I'll wear it." What more motivation do I need? She was referring specifically to costume type outfits to wear to A-kon or DragonCon, but I am more flexible than those dates. :) I am also taking suggestions on outfits to try to make for her...

April 28, 2005

Get busy with the Phlome

No cherry picking your slogan: Sloganize your name

Not much going on. Busy trying to set up web servers and blogs. For work no less. It never goes as it is supposed to, so there are issues. But it keeps me busy. Unlike this weekend, which should be mostly non-busy. Except for poker Saturday night. And I'll probably mow the lawn on Saturday. It will need it again by then.

I started actually sewing the Tweedledee outfit last night. I'm trying to do it right, but I have no doubt that I will be doing it again. From scratch, I'm sure. As to a French Maid outfit, I could probably make one of those as well, but that would be just as easily bought. Electric Boutique and Just for Play spring to mind as locations to quickly buy something on that order. No, the whole purpose of making it myself, is to get something that isn't as common, but still cool.

Still taking suggestions. Oh, and if you dont know what Tweedledee I mean, go here into the ES members gallery and see the pics.

April 29, 2005


Oh my god.
for chili
Ron's is over an hour away

Pray for me, Jessy. Pray.

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