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blame the stripper

I went to Home Depot today at lunch to pick up some items. Tops on the list was a shower rod, so that we could hang a shower curtain. It was the first thing I picked up. I then went to the paint aisle to look at varnish strippers and stuff so that I can start refinishing a table soon. Have to strip it, sand it, stain it, and refinish it all so that it looks pretty again. Anyway, I spent a few minutes finding a stripper, and finally settled on one. Also picking up a couple brushes, pan, gloves, and stripper tool on the way. I check out, and think "Wow, it's less than I was expecting." Just long enough later to be too late, I realize that it's so cheap all of a sudden because I left the shower rod on the floor of the stripper aisle. ^insert your own shower rod/stripper joke here^

Sometimes, when I call Ninsi on the phone from my work to hers, we are disconnected. It only happens when I talk to her. Only. So, of course, I blame her. She blames me. Whatever. I think I know the answer. When it happened today, I drew a picture depicting what I think really happens. It was drawn in MSN messenger with a mouse, so fuck off about the art.

here it is

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It's his phone. He doesn't know how to work his phone. No one there knows how to work the phones. I sat down at his desk and in less than a minute I had discovered how to use the phone better than they had been - not that phlome even remembers what I did or bothered to tell anyone else. Point is their phones are dumb, and no one there really knows what they're doing w/ them so - it's his phones, I don't get disconnected like that when I'm talking to anyone else like.


FIANCE' fiance, not boyfriend. :)


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