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Mmmmm, Friday.

The house is actually starting to get some kind of order together. The living room and kitch and office are mostly done now. Still a lot of clothes to put away properly, and stuff in the garage to go through, but it's not as daunting as it was.

A lot of us read online comics. Usually because of their humor value. Here is one that is just good. Momscancer. Read it. You'll be glad you did. It's only like 35 pages, (it's a comic) so it wont take to long to get through, but definately worth the time. It also will not be online much longer as the guy is getting it published, and the web version will be coming down.

Something that pisses me off:
I went to Home Depot yesterday, and as I was walking in from one aisle of cars, there was a lady walking in from another aisle. Probably mid-late 30s. Not real fat, but starting to get that middle-age body. Maybe 160s or so. She was walking perfectly fine though. And then, as she got near the store, she sat her ass down on the fucking Home Depot scooter thing so she could ride around in the store.

Perfectly capable, but too goddamned lazy to walk around the store. I don't care if she weighs 300 pounds, if you are completely ambulatory, you have no business riding a scooter. And then bitching when it goes to slow.


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