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Get busy with the Phlome

No cherry picking your slogan: Sloganize your name

Not much going on. Busy trying to set up web servers and blogs. For work no less. It never goes as it is supposed to, so there are issues. But it keeps me busy. Unlike this weekend, which should be mostly non-busy. Except for poker Saturday night. And I'll probably mow the lawn on Saturday. It will need it again by then.

I started actually sewing the Tweedledee outfit last night. I'm trying to do it right, but I have no doubt that I will be doing it again. From scratch, I'm sure. As to a French Maid outfit, I could probably make one of those as well, but that would be just as easily bought. Electric Boutique and Just for Play spring to mind as locations to quickly buy something on that order. No, the whole purpose of making it myself, is to get something that isn't as common, but still cool.

Still taking suggestions. Oh, and if you dont know what Tweedledee I mean, go here into the ES members gallery and see the pics.

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Somebody I know well has a big Alice in Wonderland tatoo.


the problem with Electric Boutique, is that the costumes are made for strippers who are far more top heavy than myself.

You might want to save the mowing for sunday, since we've got plans for sat. afternoon now.


oh - and my slogan: Have some Ninsianna and smile.


Get the Door: It's Hagrok.

That's awesome.


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