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Hidden Treasures

So we moved. And all last week, I couldn't find some of my clothes: a couple pair of shorts, a couple anime shirts, some socks. Ninsi kept asking where I thought I packed them. I couldn't recall. She looked again when she was at Zero's over the weekend. I had pretty much given up until last night. I am trying to clean up some more of the unpacked stuff, and I unzip a suitcase which Ninsi had packed, and wa-la! there it all was. She had packed it in a place she knew I would never look, a suitcase I think she doesn't like my clothes. I think she even stated that she knew what was in that suitcase, and it wasn't my clothes. Devil woman.

I went to OK for the weekend to spend some time with the Squid. I told her we'd go shopping for her birthday. Oddly enough, she couldn't find any clothes she really wanted. So she built a bear. These places are insane around Christmas. But not so bad the rest of the year.

I had some thought about escort services that I wanted to mention, but I dont recall what it was now.

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i think i need an escort service bad...

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