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How'd ya move?

We hired movers, as was previously mentioned. I dont think we actually made note of the movers themselves though. Not a lot to say about them, except that sometimes, the one in charge was unintentionally funny in his berating of the other one.

The first guy is a twelve year veteran of the moving gig. He never once stopped to take a break or rest. When they arrived at the house, he introduced himself, and his partner came around the other side of the truck and the veteran said, "And this is..., Hell, tell them your name. I dont know it."

I forget what the guys name was, but it was his first day. All day long the other guy tormented him for being too slow, not carrying enough boxes, or trying to rest. If he started to pick up a box that was pretty heavy, the older guy would ask if he needed to call the hospital. Actually, Ninis was pretty sure that maybe the new guy could use a visit to the hospital. I only heard him threaten to fire the guy one time, though. "If that shelf touches the wall, you're fired." This was as they were bringing a bookshelf up the stairs and turning it around the corner.

I almost felt bad for new guy, but at the same time, understood that the older guy wouldn't want someone working with him that wasn't going to do good work. I dont know if he made it back for a second day or not.

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Heh, when I moved out here, the "lead" guy just complained the whole damned time. The helper guy would just roll his eyes and kinda sigh every time the lead guy said something.


Were they hourly or flat rate quote? I may need movers again soon. My property management company changed, and the new one...well, let's just say I've watching the decay process for waterbugs for almost 2 months now. My last movers were Starving Students and they broke at least one piece of furniture, and just sucked overall.

They were hourly. 75/hour no trip charge. I called around a few places, they were all 75 - 80/hour and most charged a "trip charge". So I guess 75 to move your stuff and another 55, to come to your place and move it.

They did a very good job. Nice big truck so everything fit in one trip - very carefull w/ everything, no wall scratches, they threw a pad over the banister to ensure it didn't get scratched around either. I was impressed.

The company was Admiral Moving. They service most of the metroplex, and also offer per item moving rates, and will quote you over the phone.

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