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Secretary's Day

That's what today is. And Ryan's would like you to join them for it. Though they have called it 'Professional Assistant's Day.' Whatever. It would have been better if they had put that sign up yesterday so that the secretary's would acutally have had a change to make arrangements to eat there. When they put it up today, it was within half an hour of lunch. I know. I watched. Then I went to lunch somewhere else.

A secretary would be nice to have. But we have interns, and they are almost as good sometimes.

I am learning to sew, somewhat. Oddly enough, I work with no less than three people that sew very well. One is majoring in fashion design, one just likes to do it, and the other, well, likes to do it, and likes to do it fancy. On the order of wedding dresses. So I should be able to get plenty of advice. Im trying to avoid just bringing all the material up one day and saying "here, you do it for me."
The impetus, you ask? Well, one day Ninsi said to me, "If you make it, I'll wear it." What more motivation do I need? She was referring specifically to costume type outfits to wear to A-kon or DragonCon, but I am more flexible than those dates. :) I am also taking suggestions on outfits to try to make for her...

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my wall calendar calls it administrative professionals day.
my dilbert daily calendar said april fools day was administrative professionals day. it made me laugh, i'm pretty sure they knew what they were doing when they did that.


You could always go for the French Maid costume.


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