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Road signs.
Today a large truck full of highway workers, and more importantly, highway signs stopped on the road outside my window. The truck was just packed full of signs telling what highway you were on, and what the next exit was. They arrived about an hour before I went to lunch, and left a few minutes after I got back from lunch. Im not sure they actually did anything. They may have replaced the sign I can see from here, but it didnt look like it needed to be replaced. It looks exactly like it did before. So Im not sure what they were doing for that two hours.

Oh yeah, I read that one of the reasons the new Pope chose the name Benedictus, is because he is 78 years old and doesn't expect the pontification to last terribly long. The last Benedictus had one of the shortest reigns in the twentieth century. Apparently that was a factor in the name choosing. Benedictus the Short Reigned is what he'll be known as.

I think we've almost got the house put away properly. Once everything is where it belongs, Ninsi will take some pictures and we'll put them online. Of course, I think we're almost done, then I remember all the boxes in the garage that we haven't touched yet. I'm ready to start on my other projects. This house thing is taking too much of my time...


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