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Smell that smell...

Of cut grass. Mmmmmm. Got the lawnmower this weekend when Lil Bro came down and fired it up yesterday. I don't have a gas can for it yet, so I only had what gas was in it, but it lasted longer than I expected. I managed to do all the front yard, and over half of the back before it petered out on me. I also stepped in an ant hill that was completely hidden by the too tall grass. Good times. But most of the yard looks better now.

We have a new pope! As I'm sure everyone is already aware. I dont understand why they don't pick some new names. As Pope, you pick your own name. Why would you want to be Benedict the XVI, when you could be Bob I? From a sports perspective the new Pope:
comes out as an underclassman at a young 78
can bench press 180 rosarys
runs the 40 in about two days
as the fourth pick in this papal draft, has some pretty high expectations to fulfill.

Go Ben.

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i think the grass cutting may be contributing to my ickiness. But seems everyone else who suffers seasonal allergies is suffering now, so at least I'm not alone. Misery loves company.


Because there's a "prophecy" where a monk back in the 16th (I think) century "predicted" all of the future pope's names. Sooooo, guess what, the new popes pick the prophecised names! What're the odds of that....


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