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Super suckers

Somewhere, like right below this, is an entry on why we were unable to move in on Saturday, as per our original plan. Because of that, we had to reschedule deliveries, and installations.

When I called Comcast initially to get the cable modem installation scheduled, they were able to set it up for Saturday. No problem. When I called to get it rescheduled, they said they could not do it before Thursday (6 days from day of call). I thought that was a little long, but it was the best they could do. I asked them if they could call if someone cancelled and an earlier spot came open, but the person said that I would just have to call each day and see what was avalible. Fine. I did that, and when I called on Saturday, I called and mangaged to secure an install time on Tuesday, from 2-5. On Sunday I called again, and they verified my Tuesday time, and this time I was told that if someone did open on Monday, that they would call me. They never called, I wasn't surprised.

On Tuesday, I took off work early to go wait for the cable guy. At 2 pm, I was at the house. At 3:37, the mailman came by and I talked to him. About half an hour later, the UPS man showed up and I talked to him. At 5 pm, I called Comcast asking where the hell their tech was. I was told that he was running late, but would be there soon. And in the meantime, they would call me back with a more exact time. Twenty minutes later, I called again, and was told that the tech had tried to contact me twice. Once at 3:30, and again at 4. But no one was home. He was able to describe the house (red brick with white trim), and that served as proof that he was here. At that point, I exploded on the poor person on the other side, explaining that no cable guy ever showed up and that his being able to describe a red-brick house with white trim meant nothing. Since it describes at least three other houses on the block. They also could not reschedule for another six days. I also spoke with the supervisor, and had the same conversation. The supervisor eventually hung up on me without really giving me any answers.

I called back one more time around 6:30 and found out at that point that I could put in a dispute ticket to have a supervisor call me back. Of course I wanted that. They should have told me that ninety minutes before. An hour later, no one had called back, and I gave up for the evening.

This morning, I have Ninsi checking out DSL as an option, and it is an option, just not for at least a week. I call back Comcast. The first rep I talk to can't explain why I wasn't called back last night. It was just dropped. But she took my work number and said a supervisor would call me right away. Like immediately. Thirty minutes later, I called back asking why that call never happened, and didn't even bother with the poor girl's name before I had her transfer me to a supervisor.

A helpful one.

I was utterly astonished. I explained everything from my side to this lady, and she said she would try to get someone out tonight, after 5 to hook us up. But she would have to talk to dispatch first and see if it was even possible. We hung up. Less than five minutes later, she calls back and has spoke with dispatch. They are busy today, but will try to make it to our house, but she will call me as soon as she knows for sure if they can put us on the list or not. Ten minutes later, she calls back, and we are slotted in for sometime between 5-8. Thank God.

Finally, I seem to have found the one person at Comcast that actually made an effort to help. Yesterday, when I was dealing with the reps and supervisor, they asked me several times "What do you want us to do?" and I replied with "I want someone out here tonight, or tomorrow night after 5 pm." and was continually told, "We can't do that."

Apparently they can. And the lady I talked to today did it without me having to ask for it. If they don't show up though, then we will have to get DSL. I'll be to tired of fucking with Comcast to keep dealing with it.
Too long. But gads! I was pissed at them.

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