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The hook-up

I was going to blog about what I saw today from my window, but I figured it would just be easiest to copy the dialogue I had with Ninsi about it instead. It was mostly me talking as I watched. Ninsi only had a couple comments. I think it is a pretty accurate portrayal of what went down...

Phlome says:
Maybe she's a hooker?
Phlome says:
Fat girl in the street talking to someone in a car
Ninsi says:
Phlome says:
She's standing in the middle of the street. The car is stopped there
Phlome says:
He just gave her a cell phone
Phlome says:
she's talkin
Phlome says:
hung up
Phlome says:
damn, no bitch slap
Phlome says:
but she's getting in the car now
Phlome says:
off they go
Ninsi says:
she had to use his phone to call her pimp

Don't you wish you had a window in your office?

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yall's conversations are a little difficult to follow, as if you have your own language.


I do have a window.. it just looks out at a snow covered mountain though... =/

I have a windows too, an imaginary one, I look out it often and there are computers and nekkid girls all over the place. It's a wonderful world, too bad it's not real.. ;P


i have a window, but we're on the 9th floor - so all i see are other buildings..... definitely no Ryan's signs or hookers.

you're so lucky. :)


That really wasn't a conversation, it was phlome giving a play by play - I was confused at first too.


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