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Last night, I drained the spa. The bib valve broke off while I was doing this. The piece itself isn't necessary to the spa working correctly, but it does keep the water from draining out of the tub. Today, during lunch, I went to the pool supply store to get a new one. I figure it is a $.50 piece that they will charge $5 for. Actually I went to two pool stores. The first one, Leslie's, did not have the part. Neither did the second. Though they could both special order it for me. Screw that. I'll be making a pit stop at Home Depot for a bib valve, or something that will work equally well, and probably not cost more than $2.

They also neither one carry the filter I need for the hot tub. Neither does Home Depot. But I can order it online for about $25. Which is fully $20 less than Leslie's was going to charge to special order it for me. I think I will probably be doing a lot of online ordering for the hot tub, rather than pay the 90-100% mark-up for the pool store.

I eventually made it to Wendy's for lunch. One of the slowest Wendy's I have ever dined at. I couldn't quite figure if it was incompetent employee's or customers ordering lots of food. It was decided for me when one of the employee's got some tea, and left the tea spout on after filling the cup. Tea ran all over the counter and onto the floor.

There were a couple dudes in front of me in line. They were both tattooed over most of their visible body. All up and down the arms, and on the neck. One of them, on his left tricep, had the word "white" tattooed. And on the right tricep, was the word "power". I didn't really know what to make of it once he and his buddy sat down to eat with a black guy. He may also have had the word "aceed" on his neck, but it was so stylized that I couldn't make it out very well.

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classy tattoos.

Man, i think i would have had to comment on that in person. or at least make some funny "what the hell is going on here" looks. seeing those guys. I'm jonesin' for a new tat soo bad. I'm about to pull the drawing book and pencils out very soon and get to work on one for my bicept.

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