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May 2, 2005


Ninsi and I live pretty close to a lake. Walking distance anyway. It wasn't really a factor in us choosing the house, but was kind of a nice thing to have near. And even though I haven't gone fishing in forever, I thought that maybe, just maybe, I would get a pole, and go catch dinner sometime.

Those dreams were dashed last night.

We went to check out the park that is on the lake. It is actually pretty frikkin large. Lots of space, and it abutts the lake. Lots of people just out. Kids playing soccer, and basketball, and general park laying around. There are even some disc golf baskets. But it seems to be an incomplete course, so that isn't an option. I even saw one guy carrying a fishing pole back from the shore, and thought "Hey, that could be me in a couple weeks." But, as we were leaving, I saw a sign in the parking lot that said it was illegal to possess any fish from the lake. You can catch them, but you can't take them home or eat them, because they are CONTAMINATED. That's all it said. This lake is contaminated, so we made a law against eating the fish. Bastards. I'm sure the old, decomissioned, Air Force base has something to do with it.

In other news, Ninsi wants to be a gay man and run off to New York.

May 3, 2005


You can see the hole over at Ninsi's page. We will get it fixed. Things like that happen. They shouldn't. But they do. The guy was fortunate that he landed between wall studs, or he probably would have broken his collarbone instead of just his finger. A couple feet to the right, and he would have hit glass. I would rather he hit the wall as he did than have knocked into my bookcase with the Sandman figurines on it. The wall won't cost too much to fix. The figurines would be significantly more to replace. If replacement is even possible.

Oh, I think Ninsia nd I bought forgot to mention the reather disturbing sight we saw at the lake on Sunday. We were walking on the shoreline, and there was a garbage back that had washed up on shore. Ninsi without her glasses couldn't see it real well, and made a joke about body bits into the lake. I looked at it, and it actually was a garbabe bag, into which someone had stuffed a dog, and then thrown into the lake. Fuckers. Just makes you so proud to be a human sometimes, don't it?

May 4, 2005


I received an email at work today. Someone had two tacos they were giving away to the first person that asked. Nothing wrong with them, they just had beef on them. And this person is apparently allergic to beef. I had never heard of that before. But apparently, it exists.

I may occassionally list reasons I like or dislike certain aspects of the house. Today, as the first installment, I'll give one damn good reason I like the balcony (or landing). Not to mention the location of the house, i.e. away from most city lights.
Reason #1 - I have a great place from which to view this.

May 6, 2005


"...and then she was arrested for having sex in the back of a truck behind a club..."

Heard that at lunch today. At Taco Bueno. Two tables over was a group of four woman, and they were just talking away about other women. (that never happens) They also mentioned the one that got up in the mornings, went and had sex with her neighbor, then went and laid back down at home with her husband. And the one that had sex at work by the microwave. There was more, but I wasn't actively listening, so I just caught snatches of 'fucking in the...' and 'didnt even apologize...', and 'now shes in jail...'

All in all, an entertaining lunch. It doesn't get a super-high lunch rating though, because when I got there, my boss and his wife were already inside eating. And then they left, but then while I was eating, the president of the company and his wife came in to eat. And me sitting there in an oversized Batman shirt and flip-flops eating a taco.

Oh, and this from Slate: "Parents protect attractive children more carefully than unattractive children, according to a study. At supermarkets, attractive kids were more than three times more likely to be strapped into the cart. Skeptics said socioeconomic status might account for the difference."

So, does that mean that once they've fallen out and busted their face all up, that they will probably not be buckled in next time, because you know, what good would it do now?

Mmm, reason to love the hottub: Played football yesterday. And when I got home, just soaked in that tub for half an hour. So so so niiiice. I think it saved me from a lot of soreness today. Im still sore, just not as bad as usual.

May 9, 2005

Call me Clark


So, next month, Ninsi, the Squid, and myself are going on a small road-trip summer family-type vacation. I told the young one we could go anywhere in a given radius that she wanted. Almost anywhere. She wanted Mexico, and I had to rule that one out. And New York is too far. So it looks like we will be going to the Grand Canyon. Nature's Majesty, Wonder of the Natural World, and all that.

We're also thinking of trying to pass through Albuquerque and maybe see Hag for a day. And maybe crash at his casa for that first night. I need to send him an email and see if that's cool. Or leave a none-too-subtle hint in the form of this blog post...

Anyway, on the way back from the Grand Canyon, we could also swing through and visit the Petrified Forest. Our vacation week would serendipitously coincide with the Summer Solstice. At the Petrified Forest, they have some kind of ancient function solar calendar. So, we could go through there on June 21 to marvel at what would surely be an awe inspiring sight of shadows crawling across dead trees.

The other option is to forego the Forest, and instead head to Roswell for a few hours over the Summer Solstice. What would we get at Roswell that we wouldn't get at the Petrified Forest? Dumber, I suspect. We would possibly also get a few conspiracy theorists, an excessive amount of worthless souvenirs and memorabilia crap, and most importantly, we probably wouldn't actually SEE anything. But, it's aliens and shit, right? So that is worth some points.

Help us out. Vote in the poll. Or make a better suggestion.

May 11, 2005


It has been a long week. It is only half through. Monday, I got to work at my regular time of about 8:30 AM. It was seventeen hours later before I finally got to come home, and then be back at work again on Tuesday on time. New hardware was installed Monday night and everything had to be working right. It still isn't of course.

That was Monday, and most of Tuesday, and part of today. Also today was the meeting with HR for our new parent company. A couple things are better, but at least as much is worse, so all in all, I'd say that the whole buy-out thing doesn't do a damn thing for me.

Just waiting on the weekend now. And it will be off to OK to hang with the Squid. And probably be bringing a china cabinet and another table down with us. The china cabinet is a necessity, needed for the storage of important things. Like alchohol and poker chips. The table? Im not terribly sure if I know where that is going to go yet.

May 12, 2005


Nothing but a lot of work going on, really. Haven't had a lot of time this week to find anything worthwhile to mention. Really, the most exciting thing was the dead squirrels that Zero found in the pool when we took the cover off yesterday. Dead, smelly, and bloated. Yummy.

I did have someone look at the hole in the wall this morning. One of the construction guys that are building the house next door. He said it would be 'not much.' Said that a few times. He seemed more concerned if it was a man or woman that had tumbled down the stairs and hit the wall. So, maybe next week when Ninsi and I get back from OK, I'll catch him again and actually get that hole fixed. If it truly is 'not much' then I will go ahead and buy enough paint to repaint the whole stairway area. Ninsi just needs to figure out what color.

Im fairly sure that white is not an option...

May 16, 2005

Meet the fam

Actually, I've already met all the fiancee's family. This weekend I spent most of it hanging around with them. Ninsi, the Squid, and myself. I also bought a yo-yo, and that was good.

Ninsi and I drove back from Tulsa to Dallas yesterday. She in her car, and me in the U-Haul, which had a bad battery. We were offset by about an hour getting it started, and had no significant problems with it after that. We dropped it off last night, and I fully expect it did not start this morning. But, it is done, and I think that we now have everything for the house that we are going to get for a while.

Lots of stuff to put away again. And never enough time to do it. I need to finish re-finishing the table. Put away *all* the clothes. Finish arranging the office. Put up the wall hangings. Then, I can put away everything in the garage, and then paint the garage, and put up a work area in there.

Oh, and the other nifty thing we realized over the weekend: The sellers agreed to leave all the appliances for us. Looking through pictures, we noticed that the appliances they left were NOT the ones that were in the house when we walked through. I hate them for so many reasons.

Dark Crystal II

I dunno what to think. They fuck it up, I'll cry, while I'm keeling them...

May 18, 2005

Tractor pull

Sometimes, things don't show up quite like you expect them to.

Today, on eBay, I did a search on 'tyranids sprue' so I could get an idea of the going rate for a set so I could sell the sprue I have. Anyway, this came up along with a few other things. It's not so much that it isn't even a tyranid in the picture, so much that it isn't even close. It's like they just took a random picture of a toy from the kids toybox and put it up there. But what makes it better, and what actually made me laugh so hard, was that even though it came up under a 'nid search, the line says that you are bidding on a "Warhammer 40k Space Marine Chaos Bike"

Yes, and that Space Marine's name is Cletus, and he is married to his sister.
Chaos Bike my ass.

(and yes, i know that only a few people will find this at all amusing. the rest of you can stand around and just say to yourself 'i dont get it')

May 20, 2005


After lunch today, Im talking to a girl in the office. Something which I only do under the greatest duress, I assure you. She was feeling a bit out of sorts because she had been hit on by what she described as a very old Mexican tamale selling guy. He asked about her husband (she is single) and then mentioned that he had a position for her, gave her his number, and sold her a tamale. I didn't think it was a big deal, until she mentioned that the tamale guy sold her the tamale in the building. On this floor. At her desk. Creeped her out a little, he did.

I have worked here for over a year and a half. Not once, ever, have I seen a guy in the halls selling tamales. It is possible that one of the guys from the bankruptcy class wandered over with some tamales while I was at lunch and started to sell them, but it is still a little odd. No one else has ever mentioned anything like it either. I don't disbelieve her, but at the same time, it is more than a little odd.

I told her she shouldn't have taken his number, because he like, knows where she works and stuff. So she went to Starbucks to see if the cute guy there would hit on her as he usually does. But he wasn't there, so she was left with nothing but the bad tamale.

May 23, 2005

Dish Asher

What is a Dish Asher, you ask? I dont know. But Ryan's is now accepting applications for them.

Ninsi has gone full bore wedding head. It's my own fault for actually purchasing our rings this weekend. We should get them sometime next week, and then I will have to sneak them off and hide them in a safe, or safety deposit box for about a year. Otherwise, she'll be futzing with them all the time.

The Mexican that was supposed to show up yesterday morning at ten am and fix the whole in my wall, never appeared. Maybe we got our days mixed up? I dunno. Maybe he needs a supervisor like the one I saw outside the window today. The lawncare service was at Ryan's, and I could see a couple guys on opposite corners of the lawn. One was obviously directing everything. And at times, he seemed more than a little put out by his underlings. Lots of arm and hand waving, and possibly shouting. Couldn't hear it. He was standing on one corner so that he could see people working on two sides of the building. Not sure he was pleased with anything he saw. Still, maybe he could get the hole in the wall fixed.

May 24, 2005

Best don't think about it

I had a dream last night. I have one most nights. Usually I don't remember them, unless I happen to wake up during it. In the dream last night, I was not quite choking on something. Like a die. (as in single dice) It was caught in the part of your throat were you can't quite cough it back up. So I keep trying to not swallow the die, and finally actually wake up, and realize that I am having this dream because something is really in my throat at that spot. I have no frelling idea what it was. I know that Im way better off if I don't think about it, but I can't help but wonder if it wasn't a spider. It didn't feel scratchy or chitinous on the way down, so I don't think it was anything in the beetle family. A spider though, (fairly large, otherwise I doubt it would have gotten lodged in my throat) wouldn't be scratchy. They are pretty squooshy to start with. Maybe it was lint. I'm hoping for the best, and that I'll wake up in a few days with weevil powers or something though.

May 25, 2005


Still don't know what I ate in my sleep. Stopped trying to figure it out.

I really dont know what this is all about. Some new fad, trend, or fetish that I want no part of, most likely.

Oh, and now the blogs are being ranked. Blogebrity gives them an A, B, or C list ranking of top blogs. They put Margaret Cho on the C list. A little too generous if you ask me.

May 26, 2005


I nominate this as the feel-good story of the year.

May 31, 2005

Memorable weekend

Nothing spectactularly memorable about it actually, but it seemed to be fairly busy with the doing of things, so it was good. Friday was the end of month poker night. Should be the last one for about two months since the Squid will be coming down for vacation in about two weeks, and we will be heading out of state for a while. That is going to put a kink into playing poker. But it will be good to not do it I think for a bit.

Saturday Ninsi and I drove around in the rain for a while, and bought a watermelon. We eventually made it over to Zero's where I took over the grilling of the burgers and brats. In proper weather, it would have been a cookout and swim party. But the weather made it more of a cook in, and there was no swimming to be had. There were eventually strippers, but not at Zero's. And towards the end of the night there, a really drunk guy thought he would get up on a side stage and do his own dance. The stripper that was supposed to be up there just laid down and watched him while he ripped off his shirt and gyrated. When the bouncers came to get him, they grabbed him by the arm, he jerked that away and moved to the other side of the stage. At that point, the bouncer got up on stage and put the headlock on him. The only surprising thing was how long it took the bouncers to get there.

On the way home, Ninsi managed to say something that was completely nonsensical. "The difference between timed lights and monitored ones is insignificant. So people should just take their own pictures." I think it wasn't actually Ninsi, so much as the Vodka talking.

Sunday we did a little shopping in the happy district, and eventually went out to the Church. It was rather crowded. Though I did get my picture taken and put up on their picture board. I'm so suave. Met a couple people that we had not seen in months, so it was pretty good all around.

Monday, golf. I did fairly well for me. Later today, racquetball, and maybe a quick journey back to the happy district.

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