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Best don't think about it

I had a dream last night. I have one most nights. Usually I don't remember them, unless I happen to wake up during it. In the dream last night, I was not quite choking on something. Like a die. (as in single dice) It was caught in the part of your throat were you can't quite cough it back up. So I keep trying to not swallow the die, and finally actually wake up, and realize that I am having this dream because something is really in my throat at that spot. I have no frelling idea what it was. I know that Im way better off if I don't think about it, but I can't help but wonder if it wasn't a spider. It didn't feel scratchy or chitinous on the way down, so I don't think it was anything in the beetle family. A spider though, (fairly large, otherwise I doubt it would have gotten lodged in my throat) wouldn't be scratchy. They are pretty squooshy to start with. Maybe it was lint. I'm hoping for the best, and that I'll wake up in a few days with weevil powers or something though.

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According to most reports you swallow over 1000 spiders in your lifetime during sleep.

Yeah, but those are supposed to be small. Not big enough to choke you.


which reports are these? I always here the infamous "they" say these sort of things, but really? where do people come up with this?

I knew a guy who had a roach crawl in his ear and die in his sleep. caused some serious ear pain. Doc had to extract it.


THere are no reports its an Urban legend. :) Just wanted to make phlome feel better. Probally a june bug or dog hair


June bugs have those giant hook feet, surely it wasn't one of those. That would be horrific.


Leftover alien probe, perhaps?


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